You will need
  • Exchange card, insurance policy (contract), birth certificate, passport.
Get up on time on the account in female consultation. After observing the course of pregnancy and passing all tests you will be given a card exchange (usually at week 30 of pregnancy).
Get watching you obstetrician-gynecologist birth certificate. This is a document by which you can receive the necessary assistance in the nursing home (services paid by the state).
Pre-select the place where you would like to give birth. According to the law of the Russian Federation no hospital has the right to refuse to provide services if you have exchange card. Choose a hospital with a good reputation: on the advice of friends, relatives, other people's reviews.
Before birth, go the hospital and agree with the doctor whom you have entrusted this process. He will tell you how to be in the health care facility. Usually the doctor recommends to go for a few days (a week) prior to the proposed date of delivery and monitors your condition.
If the hospital told you that you will be with contractions, ask them to make a mark in the metabolic map, as there are cases of refusal at the right time. And when the ambulance arrives, ask to take it to the Agency.
If you decide to give birth on a paid basis, the pre-contract with a medical institution. Often in such a contract comes with delivery service there with contractions.