You will need
  • passport, obligatory medical insurance policy
If you suspect that you may soon become mom, be sure to purchase in a drugstore the test. It is possible to diagnose the presence or absence of pregnancy with high probability. It is very important to use it only after a delay of menstruation. If you do it earlier, you can get an incorrect result.
If the dough will appear 2 strips, you need to go to the antenatal clinic. Do not delay going to the doctor, because timely diagnosis of pregnancy and time of registration may depend on many things. Contact the person and if the test showed a negative result, but your condition continues to bother you. Maybe Express analysis was carried out improperly or you have any health problems that need to be urgently addressed.
The sooner you will be on the account of pregnancy, the better. It is advisable to do this for a period of 5-8 weeks. If something bothers you or you are at risk, as already have had the unfortunate experience of carrying a child, make an appointment with the doctor on the same day, when you begin to suspect that may soon become a mother. Usually, this happens in a four-week period. Early to determine pregnancy can only be blood.
In order to get on reception to the doctor, you will need a passport and medical insurance. Without these documents, free medical care is not available. The only exception to this is emergency care. Also take with you to the reception of a disposable diaper, a change of shoes and maybe disposable gloves.
For the diagnosis of pregnancy and of registration you can apply both in clinic and private clinic. Unlike private healthcare providers, in public clinics you can experience for free during the whole period of gestation, as well as free tests.
If you are registered not in the district where I live, and to go to the antenatal clinic at the place of residence you uncomfortable, remember that you have the right to stand on the account of pregnancy in a medical facility in which you wish. To do this you just need to go to the Manager and write a statement of the established sample.
When registering the gynecologist will direct you to the passage of a small medical fee. If shortly before the onset of pregnancy you passed some tests, did chest x-rays or turned to any doctors, take the paperwork to prove it. The doctor can read them and transfer the results of tests and inspections directly in a card exchange.
If you do decide to delay treatment in female consultation, remember that you must register before 12 weeks of pregnancy. At this period a doctors guide expectant mothers on the first screening tests, skip, which is highly undesirable. In addition, when registering no later than this date you will receive an allowance fixed amount that you will pay on the job with maternity benefits.