To stand on the account on pregnancy in the clinic at the place of residence or actual residence. If you have the opportunity, in the commercial center or the medical center at the maternity hospital you can also occur during pregnancy.
If you are planning to get into accounting in a public institution, it is necessary to take a medical insurance policy and passport. In female consultations you will get a special card for pregnant women (exchange card), which during the waiting period the baby will bring the results of the tests, ultrasound, monitoring the health and well-being and your future little one.
Thus it is better to stand up for records to the treating doctor who watched over your health before pregnancy. If you still have to be observed in another place, it is necessary to take the card, or extracts from it on you may have suffered the disease, immunized, operations, existing contraindications. This will help the doctor to form a more complete picture of your health.
The benefits of the commercial centre is the lack of Queuing and a more attentive attitude to patients. Therefore, many future moms stand on the account in a private clinic. The cost of doing pregnancy is there are about 50-70 thousand rubles. You need to sign a contract with the centre, selecting an obstetrician-gynecologist and a list of services required in the future.
Standing on the account on early terms of pregnancy (till 12 weeks), you reduce the risk of abnormalities in the baby and minimize possible complications associated with pregnancy. Obstetrician gynecologist can prescribe the necessary tests, ultrasound and other tests. In addition, standing on the account in the first weeks of pregnancy, you will receive a small allowance (half minimum wage). It is to be paid at the time of going on maternity leave.