You will need
  • passport, obligatory medical insurance policy
Before you go to the doctor, make sure to bring all necessary documents. The most important of these is the passport. Without it you will not be able to make an appointment with a specialist. Make sure that the passport was valid and it was a stamp of registration. Remember that you have the right to visit the clinic and the hospital at the place of residence. If you live in the wrong neighborhood, or even in that city, where prescribed, be sure to have on hand a certificate of temporary registration and an absentee ballot with the clinics and hospitals at the place of residence.
Going to the doctor, take with you the policy of obligatory medical insurance. Remember that at the time of treatment it needs to be relevant. At job change or dismissal, as well as the change of residence you will need to change the policy. This can be done in one of the health insurance companies.
When you first visit a medical institution to take the insurance pension certificate. Specialist in the reception it may be necessary for registration of medical cards. If you are in the hospital or clinic of the child, do not forget to take his birth certificate and the policy of obligatory medical insurance.
During the initial visit to the hospital possible bring documents that reflect the history of your illness. This could be copies of medical records from other institutions, the conclusions of experts paid clinics, x-rays, as well as the conclusion obtained in ultrasound diagnostics. All this will greatly facilitate the work of the doctor and will help to establish a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.
Sign up in the hospital in advance. This can be done by phone, Internet or in person at the registry. Was in a medical facility, patients can register and via the terminal. At the reception take your documents with you that give you the right to receive certain benefits.
If you need help very urgently, and the documents you left at home or not, you can contact a hospital emergency room. In cases of urgent need, the doctor is obliged to take you.