You have registered at the new address. Immediately attach to the clinic. Please contact reception with your passport, medical insurance and medical card from the clinic, where there was before. That's all. Heal health!

If you have no registration

If you want to register with a clinic close to work, school or the actual place of residence, contact the selected physician clinics with a written statement. In it, specify name, gender, date and place of birth, number of a current policy of compulsory medical insurance, the name and address of the outpatient clinic at this time.

Don't forget to write the reason. For example, living in the apartment of her husband, together with their parents. When applying you will be asked a passport and a medical insurance policy.

The law is on your side

According to article 17 of the fundamentals of legislation on health protection of citizens from 22. 07. 1993 and in accordance with article 5 of the RF Law "On medical insurance of citizens in Russian Federation" dated 28. 06. In 1991, the state guarantees health care and free medical aid under policy OMS on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Including outside the permanent place of residence.

Remind the physician about the existence of these documents in the event of a failure. And don't despair. The law is on your side.

Refer the complaint to the Department of health. It is better to poison a mail to the postal address of the institution or in electronic form on the website. You can complain to Territorial health insurance Fund. They are required to provide you medical service in full for insurance. If you did not answer and did not help, write to the CPS or the Prosecutor.

A little effort

In the case of a positive decision, more likely in a few days you will receive notification of acceptance to medical care. That's not all.

Complete an application form for undocking. It will give you at the reception of the selected clinic. Sign at the head physician. Get an absentee ballot.

With him to visit the old clinic to be removed from the register. Your medical information will forward to the selected medical facility.

Now you can exhale and Pat myself on the back. Finally will be treated where you want and where you want. Spent on paperwork time will pay off very quickly.

In Moscow in the selected clinic, you will be able to go to the reception. On call doctor will come from the clinic at the place of your registration.