You will need
  • - passport;
  • - compulsory medical insurance policy.
Select women's clinic, in which you would like to keep a pregnancy. Do not have to register in a medical facility to which you must be attached to registration. You can also occur at the place of actual stay. By law you are required to provide free services in any state specialized institution in Russia, however, in practice problems can occur, if you want to be attached to female consultation of the district where not registered and not live.
Decide the duration of your pregnancy. To do this, remember when was the first day of your last menstrual period and count how many weeks have passed since then.
Think of when you better get down on the account of pregnancy. If you plan to conduct all planned tests and studies, you should attach to selected women's consultations not later than the 10th week of pregnancy, as the first routine ultrasound in the antenatal clinic carried out in the period 10-12 weeks and ultrasound is usually for 1-2 weeks. However, if something bothers you, you feel nagging pains in the lower abdomen or you have started spotting, immediately consult a specialist. To exclude an ectopic pregnancy, you can embark on the pregnancy and do an ultrasound already at the period of 5-6 weeks. An experienced doctor, even in a simple examination can determine whether the fetus is in the uterus, and ultrasound will show the baby and will allow you to check its heartbeat.
Attach to the antenatal clinic. For this you will need to show the policy of obligatory medical insurance and your passport. In most of the institutions are also asked to provide copies of these documents. At the reception you will be asked to write a letter to the chief doctor of female consultation with a request for attachment. After that, you will issue the usual treatment records and referred to a gynecologist. When the doctor confirms that you are expecting a baby, you will also get a special map that will be made and all information about how successful your pregnancy. If you have previously been observed in female consultation, it is advisable to let go of it and take out your patient card, or statement from her. In the future, to obtain a birth certificate you will also be asked to present a social security number, so you can bring the document or start to make it, if you don't.