This procedure is not easy. Even if we consider that under the new legislation it has been simplified, and it would seem that now everything has to go like clockwork at statement on the account of your car, it works only on paper.
So, if you decided to move from one region to another, then first you must remove the machine accountand the old place of residence and registration.
Then collect the documents for obtaining transit plates that will allow you to cross the border of another region without fines and trouble, and with whom you will ride in a new place until you put the car on the temporary account is already at the new place of residence.
So, after transit numbers received, and you are already in place, contact the local branch of the traffic police to put the car on the account under a new address and a temporary residence permit.
Of course, the order of the interior Ministry, this procedure had to be reduced to a single action.
The algorithm is this: you go to a new place, immediately go to the traffic police there put the car on accounting. With registration at the old address, the machine should be removed automatically, without the participation of the owner. And all the old registration numbers are utilized in the unit where the car is placed on a new account
However, even if you have a valid passport inspection, you'll likely have to go through it again in a new place, and it can take a long time.