You will need
  • passport, insurance policy, insurance pension certificate
Before you go in female consultation, and find out what clinic, what time takes the doctor. This can be done by phone or through the study of official website.
Make an appointment in advance. In most modern consultations provided for entry via the Internet. If this is not possible, you can do it on the phone. You can also enroll via the terminal or in the registry.
Before the initial application make sure you know what documents are required for registration in this clinic, obtain a pass to visit the doctor. Be sure to bring your passport. Without it, the registry staff do not have the right to direct the patient to the doctor. The same applies to the obligatory medical insurance policy.
The passport and the insurance policy must be presented at every visit to the clinic. Make sure in advance that the documents were in order. When changing jobs or modifying any other data please contact the corresponding Agency to replace the policy.
The first call in some advice bring SNILS. In some institutions it is required for the initial registration of the patient.
If you have any medical documents (results of examinations, ultrasound examinations of, or extract from a medical card), take them to the reception. The doctor may need information about previous illnesses.
If you wish to visit a certain female consultation, and in the passport the residence permit, in accordance with which you have maintained in another clinic, please bring a document confirming actual residence in the right area. This can be a certificate of temporary registration or even a rental contract.
Pregnant women can enroll in any female consultation. In public institutions they do not have the right to refuse service. If you are pregnant, and you don't want to make an appointment, contact the head of advice. Remember that no one should violate your rights.