You will need
  • exchange card, passport.
In the last months of pregnancy some women beg the question about the choice of maternity hospitals. Every expectant mother has the right to choose the medical institution in accordance with your preferences. Talk to your gynecologist, which you observed. Maybe the doctor will give you specific recommendations.
If the gynecologist of female consultation will offer you a definite medical facility, ask them to write the appropriate direction. This is possible even in the last weeks of the term. This kind of advice can be associated with the state of your health or the baby's health. For example, under the current threat of placental abruption you may be referred to childbirth in the perinatal center, equipped with expensive equipment.
If you decide to choose a maternity hospital, which is attached to a Sorority that you visit, there is no need to sign a card exchange in advance. At the right moment just go for delivery. Employees will be required to provide you with medical care if you have all the necessary documents. Visit the hospital in advance in case if you want to enter into a contract for the management of labour to a specific doctor or wish to use other paid services.
If you have decided to choose the hospital, not at his residence and on personal preferences or the doctor's recommendations, visit the facility 2-3 weeks before the expected date of delivery. Take exchange card and identity document. If you are still not final decided on the maternity hospital and ask someone from staff to show you generic and postnatal ward, ask all the questions you have.
Once the choice is made definitively will refer to the chief doctor of the hospital and ask him to sign your record card. This will guarantee that at the right time you will be able to take and provide you with all necessary assistance in the delivery. If you do not take care of this in advance, you can not put in a selected maternity hospital due to the lack of availability. Such a scenario is possible if, at the time of your treatment to a medical facility, your health and the health of your baby will be safe from harm.