You will need
  • passport;
  • the policy of obligatory medical insurance - OMS.
According to the Ministry of health, a woman has the right to be observed in any female consultation, regardless of place of residence (registration) and citizenship. You can choose the women's advice, you want to visit.
When you first visit, write the application addressed to the Manager, provide the valid insurance policy and passport. To deny you can only be the case if your policy is invalid or you do not have ID. In this case, you can get only emergency medical care.
At the first appointment the doctor will take an exchange card, which will log all the data about the course of your pregnancy, lab tests and ultrasound. Exchange card you are required to have when entering the hospital.
Pass all the tests and go through doctors that are mandatory for all pregnant women. The first blood tests are common, the RV-HIV, hepatitis, and analysis to determine group and rhesus of blood. Go the eye doctor, the dentist, Laura, the therapist, who will give a final conclusion on the state of your health.
If your pregnancy is favorable, visit your doctor to 20 weeks no more than 1-2 times per month. After the twentieth week - 2 times a month with regular testing. After 30 weeks – weekly.