Advice 1: How to register in the clinic, if there is no registration

If the place of residence on the passport does not coincide with the actual address of residence, workers of a clinic, which addresses a citizen with a request for statement on the account, there may be doubt regarding the legality of an action. And the reason for their appearance are often a poor knowledge of the law.
How to register in the clinic, if there is no registration
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - compulsory medical insurance policy.
Know your rights which black and white are in the collection of laws. They will serve as a good tool to resolve conflict situations and will be able to convince the staff to go to you on concessions. According to the Federal law of the Russian Federation from June 25, 1993 N 5242-I "About the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement, choice of place of stay and residence within the Russian Federation", in particular article 3, no registration is not a sufficient reason to restrict citizens ' rights, including to health.
In addition, the observance of the constitutional norms often supported by local ordinances and regulations. For example, on the territory of Moscow operates the order "On approval of order and conditions of granting medical assistance in the Moscow city CHI program", which says that the existence of the policy is a sufficient condition for obtaining medical care in the capital.
To stand on the account in polyclinic nonresident students much easier, because educational institutions usually attached medical establishment. And to make an appointment you can policy issued in another subject of the Russian Federation. But in order to get medical assistance, you will need to present a student ticket. At the same time can require a valid passport and copies of medical insurance.
If you have registration at the place of stay in the clinicattached to your site, you should unconditionally accept a passport, the document with a red seal FMS confirming the place of actual residence, and policy.
Citizens, who have on hand there certificates of temporary registration or wish to go to the clinic, related to another territorial district, it is necessary to write the application addressed to the head office with a request to put on the account. The lack of registration at the place of residence or stay is not a reason for refusal, the main thing – to have a valid policy (peg to the city, too, doesn't matter).
If providers cannot agree to put on the account, then the incident must notify the insurance company for which you decorated, policy, and management and the Department of health. But usually this does not reach.

Advice 2 : How to register a car in Moscow

The procedure of setting the car on accounting in traffic police in Russia generally the same. In Moscow, however, since January 2011, any resident of the capital can receive this government service in any Department of traffic police, the rendering, of their choice.
How to register a car in Moscow
To enroll in the queue for statement on accounting of a car you can through the Internet on the official website of traffic police GUVD for the city of Moscow or on the portal of state services "state Services.<url>. You can choose a date and convenient time from the options provided.There is also an option for completing the application for registration of the machine online and available for download the application form and receipt for payment of required state fees. It is a duty for issuance of a certificate of registration of the vehicle, the license plates, if necessary, amending a previously issued technical certificate.
Prepare the necessary documents: your passport, registration certificate for car, proof of your right to ownership (contract of sale, invoice from the dealership, the customs Declaration or customs certificate), insurance policy (it can be purchased at the dealership or any insurance company), transit numbers, if you have them (in this case, you should be able to register the car before the end of their validity period). If you register someone else's car, you will need the authorization from his master.
At the appointed time we will bring the car fully loaded to the site for inspection and hand to the police all the necessary documents and receipt of payment of state duties.
The waiting period start the registration process should not exceed three hours, the same maximum time the law allows the provision of services. But if you need additional verification, it can take up to 30 days.
Upon completion of all necessary actions you will be issued a certificate of state registration of the car and the room.

Advice 3 : How to register for pregnancy in Moscow

Pregnancy is a wonderful and at the same time, a very important period in a woman's life. Despite the fact that pregnancy is not a disease, it requires medical monitoring. It affects the health of the expectant mother and her baby. Specifically for pregnant women in Moscow there are many women's clinics, in which the woman and her child watched from the first weeks of pregnancy and to the birth. Here they get medical documents for hospital and sick leave for maternity leave.
How to register for pregnancy in Moscow
You will need
  • Insurance and copies of all passport pages.
Select a fertility clinicthat you want to stand on the account. It can be near to your house or work or any other place. If you are registered in another district of Moscow or even in another city, this is no reason for denying surveillance. By law, a pregnant woman can attach to any antenatal clinic. If the policy of OMS to all doctor visits, tests and examinations will be free.
Write the name of the head of the statement on the attachment to this antenatal clinic. Attach all the necessary documents. If you have been watching your pregnancy other medical facility, bring out the extract from the patient card and proof of withdrawal from the account.
Make an appointment with the doctor. Do not put off the first visit on late terms, statement on the account in the first weeks of pregnancy may help to detect a problem and take action to address them.
Take the doctor's directions on tests, ultrasound and consultations of specialists. After you complete all the assignments and bring results, you will determine the period of pregnancy and make an individual map of the pregnant woman. The date of issuance of this card is the date of statement on accounting.
Get the doctor certificate on statement on the account till 12 weeks of pregnancy. This document gives an opportunity to draw a lump sum. If you stood on the account at a later date, the allowance is not paid.

Advice 4 : How to be attributed to the clinic

In order to attributed to the clinic, you must have the policy of compulsory health insurance - compulsory health insurance. With it, you can go to the district hospital, pre-written statement addressed to the head physician. If you are a foreigner, you will first need to contact the territorial health Agency.
How to be attributed to the clinic
You will need
  • To attach to the clinic need a passport, insurance, registration documents, statement.
The main condition to be attached to a district clinic - the presence of medical insurance, which you may fill out the employer if you are working officially. If you officially do not work, then the policy you can place yourself in the place of residence, if you are registered there. Just go to the nearest hospital - it will tell you where and how it should be done. In the absence of both work and registration policy will have to draw in his hometown.
Having the policy, you have the right to attach to the clinicnearest to your actual place of residence. This applies both for non-residents or foreigners, and for residents who, for one reason or another temporarily changed their place of residence. Grab your passport, insurance, and documentation of your registration and will contact the clinic in the registry. There you will be given an application form attached to the clinic in the name of the chief physician. You should fill it out and submit. From this moment you can consider yourself attached.
In some cases, the clinic may send you to the district health authority where you will be given direction for attachment to one or another clinic. It will need to pass in this clinic.
If you are a foreigner, you will need to immediately contact the local health authority. A list of documents you need to have is the same as in the previous cases.
Remember that if you want to attach to the clinic, then to deny it is not right, even if you don't have all documents on hand. Having been refused, ask to place it in writing and go with him to the Prosecutor. Those who do not want to get in contact with public authorities can also ask for help from the company that issued your health insurance, since insurance companies usually help in such cases: to protect your rights in their interests.

Advice 5 : How to register with the children's clinic

The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in the life of the family. First smile, first tooth and first words - all this is found. But the kid needs protection, not only of the parents: mother and her baby should come to the reception to the pediatrician every month. The doctor monitors the physical condition of the child and the appearance of even a small suspicion of a deviation in the development gives direction on consultation to the expert. However, the procedure of registration in the children's clinic begins even before birth.
How to register with the children's clinic
To meet the district pediatrician you should still in the process of pregnancy. A gynecologist from whom you are registered, you will be asked to bring proof that you were in the children's clinic and stood on the account. This certificate will give you the doctor-pediatrician of the children's clinic when you are already on the big term of pregnancy, usually in the 7-8 month.
After the baby was born, the hospital received a telegram to the children's clinic at the place of your actual residence. It is therefore very important for admission to hospital call place of your actual residence, because for many it is not the same as place of registration. 3-5 days after your discharge the doctor himself will come to your house to examine the baby, he will tell you the date of your first visit to the pediatric clinic and the operating time of the Cabinet. Further, in the first month, once a week to your home will come to a community nurse to monitor the child's development and care.
The first visit to the pediatric clinic will take place when your child turns a month. The appointment with the pediatrician you will need to bring birth certificate and record card of the child - these documents must give you at discharge from the hospital. Also, you will be asked birth certificate of the child and his medical insurance policy. With this time, if development goes according to schedule, you will have to come on a routine inspection of the child every month.
If due to circumstances you will have to change their place of residence, it is necessary to notify about this pediatrician. He will give you the map of the child with the appropriate mark on the shootout, an absentee ballot, and, if the kids are under six months - the second part of the coupon the generic certificate. All of these documents together with the birth certificate and the medical policy of the child you will need to provide pediatrician in the pediatric clinic in which you plan to register, you will be asked to write a letter to the chief physician of the intention to be served in this clinic.
You can register in the children's clinic the actual place of residence, regardless of residence and registration.
Useful advice
In each children's polyclinic, there is a "day baby". On this day admission is up to one year.
Children under the age of one month in any clinic accepted the queue.

Advice 6 : How to register in employment Bureau of Moscow

One of the most tangible effects of the financial crisis is the risk of job loss. Registration in the employment center gives the right to receive unemployment benefits. Besides, specialists of the center can help you re or to improve their skills, taking advantage of free training.
How to register in employment Bureau of Moscow
You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - passport;
  • the income statement for the last three months of work;
  • - diploma or other document certifying a professional qualification.
Find out address and hours of employment. You should know that to register to the exchange of labour is possible only by the place of permanent residence - residence permit. Persons living in Moscow, should contact the employment Center of its administrative district.
Today in Moscow there are:
- Zelenograd;
- North;
- North-East;
- North-West;
- South-East;
- South-West;
the district Bureau of employment.
The initial registration of the unemployed

This procedure is regulated by the Government Decree on the procedure of registration of citizens as unemployed. For its passage you will come to the employment center for an interview. At this stage, documents are not required. Be prepared to answer questions about the causes of job search. In this interview you will get all the necessary information on vacancies, retraining opportunities, and documents required for registration.
After collecting all the documents, again, contact the employment office. Registration takes 1 day from the date of submission of necessary documents.
Within ten days you'll have the option to work or undergo retraining. You should know that these proposals should be consistent with your:
the level of training;
- the right condition;
- conditions previous job,
and also to be in the area of accessibility.

However, if you fall under one of the following categories of citizens:
- have not worked and do not have a specialty;
fired, more than once, for a breach of discipline;
- terminated the business activity;
- disabled more than one year;
- refused to raise qualification or to obtain related specialties;
- consisting on the account in the employment center for more than 18 months;
- applied after the completion of seasonal work,
received job offer may not meet the above criteria.
If within 10 days, has not found a suitable job, on the 11th day after the registration, the decision of assigning you the status of the unemployed, with the subsequent payment of benefits.

As a rule, the size of unemployment benefit is determined on the basis of grounds for dismissal, seniority and working conditions at the same place.
Useful advice
People who have been dismissed for "redundancy" are encouraged to register at the labor exchange over the next 14 days. In this case, if the exchange is not able to employ you in the next 10 days, you may qualify for another lump sum. The amount of the benefit is determined by the size of average earnings.

Advice 7 : How to get registered in female consultation without a residence permit

According to the current legislation of Russia and the order of the Ministry of health, every pregnant woman has an inalienable right to free be observed in any female consultation of the country, regardless of place of residence and citizenship.
How to get registered in female consultation without a residence permit
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the medical insurance;
  • - extract from the patient card;
  • - certificate of deregistration in consultation by place of residence;
  • - the document proving the identity.
Despite this, many expectant mothers have problems to get on the accountif they are not registered in the same city or area.To perform this task, you must have a passport (or other identity document, e.g. a birth certificate) and valid medical insurance. The failure of the doctor or another representative of the women's consultations request to put you on the account on pregnancy is illegal.
Take a trip to the clinic at the place of residence and ask to make an extract from the patient card, medical surveillance, which must contain information about previously transferred and possible hereditary diseases, General health, immunizations etc Take the reference from female consultation in a place of registration that you do not stand them on the account ofE.
Armed with the necessary documents (passport and insurance policy, if any) come to a consultation at your place of residence. Write a letter to the chief physician of the clinic or head of the antenatal clinic. If you don't have medical insurance policy, in the case of injury or illness you will be able to provide only emergency medical care. If a pregnant woman suffers from diseases that require material costs (e.g., diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, etc.), the clinic (consultation), where it occurs in the moment, may request financial support from the place of her permanent registration, or to send to paid survey.
If you are refused:- refer the complaint to the Ministry of health;- call the hotline of the office for your district (the number can be found at the information Desk or via the Internet).
If you are not support, then pozvonyu in the Central Ministry of Health and Social Development. Refer to the law, specify the reason why you are refused in registration records, operate names and facts (it is important to know the surname, name, patronymic of the failed doctor).

Advice 8 : What to do if there is no registration

Under the registration refers to the registration at the place of residence to the corresponding mark in the passport, confirming this fact. The lack of proof of residence entails a lot of problems. So, you may have difficulty in obtaining medical insurance, when visiting medical institutions for the placement of a child in kindergarten, you do not recognize the need to improve housing conditions and so on.
What to do if there is no registration
To restore their rights and to confirm the fact of residence at a specific address, you must contact the court. But first you should send a statement in the service that said "no" in response to your oral request (passport office, insurance company, pension Fund Management, etc.), attaching the documents confirming actual residence at this address. This can be a warrant, a certificate from the building management, receipt of payment for utility services, pension certificate and other documents, which indicate your place of residence. Because these securities are not specified in the relevant laws and regulations (the registration stamp), you probably will receive a written denial of your request in the absence of registration. This will be enough to go to court with the application for establishing the fact of permanent residence. Along with provided the above written waiver, your passport, the documents confirming actual residence (copy), and a receipt about payment of state duty. If this is not enough, you need people (friends, acquaintances, neighbors) who can confirm that you really live at this address. And that means you'll have to write a petition about their call to court as witnesses. Once this fact is established (and you have to be patient, because litigation can last for months), you will need to submit the respective decision of the court in the service that you refused the request, and to require its implementation.

Advice 9 : How to register in the clinic

You want to be treated in a clinic close to work or place of actual residence. And you deny. Remember, by law you are entitled to it. Take a medical insurance policy, passport, and visit the clinic.
You have registered at the new address. Immediately attach to the clinic. Please contact reception with your passport, medical insurance and medical card from the clinic, where there was before. That's all. Heal health!

If you have no registration

If you want to register with a clinic close to work, school or the actual place of residence, contact the selected physician clinics with a written statement. In it, specify name, gender, date and place of birth, number of a current policy of compulsory medical insurance, the name and address of the outpatient clinic at this time.

Don't forget to write the reason. For example, living in the apartment of her husband, together with their parents. When applying you will be asked a passport and a medical insurance policy.

The law is on your side

According to article 17 of the fundamentals of legislation on health protection of citizens from 22. 07. 1993 and in accordance with article 5 of the RF Law "On medical insurance of citizens in Russian Federation" dated 28. 06. In 1991, the state guarantees health care and free medical aid under policy OMS on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Including outside the permanent place of residence.

Remind the physician about the existence of these documents in the event of a failure. And don't despair. The law is on your side.

Refer the complaint to the Department of health. It is better to poison a mail to the postal address of the institution or in electronic form on the website. You can complain to Territorial health insurance Fund. They are required to provide you medical service in full for insurance. If you did not answer and did not help, write to the CPS or the Prosecutor.

A little effort

In the case of a positive decision, more likely in a few days you will receive notification of acceptance to medical care. That's not all.

Complete an application form for undocking. It will give you at the reception of the selected clinic. Sign at the head physician. Get an absentee ballot.

With him to visit the old clinic to be removed from the register. Your medical information will forward to the selected medical facility.

Now you can exhale and Pat myself on the back. Finally will be treated where you want and where you want. Spent on paperwork time will pay off very quickly.

In Moscow in the selected clinic, you will be able to go to the reception. On call doctor will come from the clinic at the place of your registration.
Is the advice useful?