To make an appointment at reception in female consultation, you will need a passport and medical insurance policy. Please contact the admission office of the institution. There you will get a map and will announce soon the appointmentand the specialist you need.
To get on reception to the doctor, better come in female consultation in the morning. Then, most likely, you will be able to pass for a doctor's visit at a desired time. Now far not in all medical institutions the system of records in advance. This files most often have to go to the reception area on the day of the reception, and you write out a pass for a visit to a specialist.
If, after examination, the doctor told you that you need to re-visit, try to negotiate with them about the date and time of reception. Sometimes doctors prescribe vouchers to, then the need to apply to the registry will disappear.
Don't forget to grab a cloth and clean socks. Perhaps the doctor will want to conduct the survey in a gynecological chair, then you'll appreciate these items.
During a visit to the obstetrician - gynecologist should not feel hesitation. This doctor, and believe me, you are not the first woman he's seeing. So try to relax, not to interfere with the doctor talk, and then the procedure will take place quickly and will not cause you discomfort.