Benefits for unemployed pregnant women

All working pregnant women are issued a lump-sum payment for pregnancy and childbirth, which can be obtained for the sick-list issued in the antenatal clinic. But the unemployed can also receive this allowance if they are registered in the employment Center and are officially recognized as unemployed. The allowance for pregnancy and childbirth is given to the pregnant students of stationary form of education. In other cases, those not entitled to the payment, none of the other members of the family can not receive this allowance.

If a woman stands on the account in female consultation on early pregnancy, her rely a small payment as a Supplement to the above manual. Pregnant officially unemployed registered in the employment Centre, are also eligible for these payments.

After birth to all women, regardless of employment or lack of employment rely lump-sum payment on the birth of a child. Pays their social insurance Fund, the amount depends on the number of children born. If a woman has already one or more children, she may obtain maternity capital, even if it does not work.

The right to maternity capital have all women – citizens of the Russian Federation, have given birth or adopted two or more children.

Where the mother receives a monthly allowance for child care up to six years, the unemployed of this amount is given in a minimum amount. To apply for these payments to the Department of social protection at the place of residence, the child should be spelled out where and mother. The amount of the benefit depends on the region. If both parents work, this benefit can be registered either on the father or the mother, but if mom doesn't work, then she needs to take care of my baby and she receives payment.

Other rights of the unemployed pregnant women

By law, if a pregnant woman gets a job she can't refuse on the basis of her pregnancy. An employer who doesn't hire a pregnant woman for this reason, is criminally liable.

With the exception of cases when the position includes such qualities which are not compatible with pregnancy.

Employed, unemployed and pregnant are entitled to free medical care at any women's clinic or the clinic, regardless of the place of residence, to register at any clinic. Pregnant women rely some free medicines and vitamins, which can ask the doctor in the early stages.