You will need
  • Passport, obligatory medical insurance policy.
If you think you may be pregnant or are sure that will become a mother soon, contact the clinic or one of the private clinics. The doctor will examine you and, if your assumptions are confirmed, will prompt you to register. Please note that supervision in public health facilities in contrast to private will be completely free for you.
To register for pregnancy, you can not only in the antenatal clinic at the place of residence, but also in the clinic another district or even in a medical facility in another city. The current legislation allows pregnant women to experience where they wish. In this case, note that it is better to choose all the female advice, which you had visited before because your medical records contain very important information.
In order to be able to put on record in your chosen medical facility, bring your passport and medical insurance. Without these documents the doctor can't even take you. Under existing legislation in the absence of medical policy the patient can only be provided emergency assistance.
Make sure that the policy of compulsory health insurance was effective, it was correct the address of residence. If necessary, adjust the document. To do this will not be easy.
If you have copies of the medical records of those institutions that you have previously observed, take them with you. The doctor may need this information. Be sure to take and pass the results of the passage of x-rays, if available. The doctor glued it to a card exchange or overwrite to all necessary data.
If your pregnancy was planned, and before you passed some tests, take statements with their results on the doctor. If the studies were conducted recently, doctor will read them. In this case you will not have to take the tests again.
At the reception be sure to bring a clean diaper, booties or Slippers, and sterile disposable gloves. Before you put on the account, the doctor will examine you and take a swab for tests.