You will need
  • - 60-80 cm of fabric;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - zipper length 12 cm;
  • - 1 button;
  • - interlining;
  • - a sewing machine.
Pick up the cloth. For sewing shorts fit light pant fabrics: gabardine, crepe, the Papillon, linen, Jersey and so on.
Peresnimite the pattern of the shorts from the magazine by means of tracing paper or build it by their standards based on the basic patterns of trousers.
A paper pattern lay out on cloth, folded in half face inward. The contours of the parts draw a tailor's chalk, mark the seam: hem the bottom 3-4 cm, on the remaining slices, 1.5 cm Cut out detail on the drawn lines.
Belt detail, flap duplicate interlining. Stick it with a warm iron to the fabric and cut out the contour.
First, how many lines of Darts and sew them on the machine, and at the top of the tack weld don't do, and tie the thread into a knot. Zautyuzhte tuck to the middle.
Sewn allowances at the side seams at the rear and front halves and slices of neskowin pockets. Pin along the pocket on every detail of the front and backside of the burlap, lining up the cross marks. Sew them close to the marked lines of the seams.
Run side seams, leaving unsewn the entrances to the pocket. Sew burlap pockets. Each half fold inside out and sew the seam stepper.
Attach the leg of the shorts each other, combine all the seam lines and sew to the mark of the clasp.
The most difficult to sew the zipper, but if you run all the instructions, you will succeed. The facing pin the right edge to the right edge of the cut and sew from the top along the middle of the front to the mark. The lower section of piping loosen up and priutyuzhte. The left edge of the slit zautyuzhte on the wrong side and pin to the zipper tape close to the teeth, baste and sew on the sewing machine.
The facing the right edge of the slit to the other pin of the fastener, not grabbing the fabric of the front half. Sew the zipper to the facing. Route along the marked line decorative stitching in the right half, grabbing a little obtachku.
Sew the side sections on the waistband. Fold, right sides inside the top (duplicated fleece) and the lower part of the belt, sew the side and top sections. Cut corners diagonally close to the stitching. Allowances of seams also cut.
On the inside of the belt treat overlong seam the lower section. The outer part put on shorts, cleave and sew. Turn on the front side. The top edge of the shorts will attrocity the seam protecive zone.
On the right side of the sewn loop, using a special foot for the sewing machine or buttonhole stitch by hand. On the left sew a flat button.
Sewn seam allowance to the hem bottom, zautyuzhte on the wrong side and hem with hidden stitches. Ready shorts Tutuila.