You will need
  • - 60 cm of fabric;
  • - elastic webbing;
  • - the tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - a sewing machine.
The finished pattern for the breeches girls you can download online or find in ionale mod, but you need to review the huge amount of material before you find something that will really fit you. Much better to build a pattern-based trousers for girls, and then on its basis to design a variety of models pants, Capri, shorts and breeches.
For sewing breeches fit tight, shaped wool or cotton fabric: denim, flannel, corduroy for cool days, calico, linen, Reaper for the summer.
After the pattern-based pants will be ready, aside from the top line vertically down desired length of the trousers and a parallel line. If you want breeches were preserialize on the bottom, cut the pattern vertically in three places and spread 2-3 cm, thus, at the bottom of the pant legs will be to lay a small pleat or make build.
Fold the fabric inside out in half. The pattern breeches lay on the fabric and draw a tailor's chalk or a remnant. Detail cut out, leaving allowances for seams (half an inch) on all slices.
Baste side and stepping cuts, prostrochite them on a typewriter and treat overlong seam. All proutyuzhte seams. Then paste the details of the legs into each other and sweeps the line of the seat. Prostrochite on the machine and sewn. The upper section of a bend on the wrong side two times, so that in kulisku, you can freely insert elastic braid or cord. Prostrochite on a typewriter, leaving a small distance unsewn.
Lay pleats or probrite the lower sections of the leg and sew the facing. Below breeches were worn freely, make the sides snap button or buttons.
In kulisku insert elastic braid or cord. Sew pockets.