The amount of fabric for dresses or blouses

Fabric 150 cm wide the hips add 6-12 cm free customized fit, the allowances of 2-3 cm for seams at 1 cm from each side. Fit the width of the fabric? Will be enough the same length on straight line dress. If not invested, count two length allowances. Calculate the flow fabric. Dress length plus sleeve length. Add an extra hem of the bottom of the dress and sleeves, seam on the specification of length (in the amount of approximately 30 cm). Next, determine how much you will need fabric on the collar, pockets, cuffs, belt and other items if they are planned. If the segment meter or 120 cm, dress or blouse take two length of the product.
When buying fabrics, note the pattern and texture, the location of the pile, if it is long and combed to one side. These fabrics increase its consumption at least by half a meter to match with the casual the picture.

The amount of fabric for a sundress

Sundress to the floor, straight silhouette. Length is determined by the length of the front of the shelves - from the top of the bodice through the upper point of the chest before the expected bottom of the product. Add a hem of the sundress, the processing of the bodice, to clarify the length. One length will be enough if the width of the hips plus free fit (6-12 cm) placed in a 140 or 150 cm wide fabric. Otherwise, you will need two lengths of the product plus allowances for processing.

Long sundress with a detachable waist. Opredelitsya tissue. Skirt length from waist to hem, plus the height of the bodice plus hem, plus the length correction. If the bodice is cut out in one piece, and the length of the skirt hem sundress plus add the height of the detail of the bodice on the pattern, plus tolerances, and a binder. For the wide skirt of the sundress, you may need to buy fabric at the rate of two length skirt plus fabric for the bodice, plus filing and bending.

The amount of fabric on the skirt

Video classic skirt. When the width of the fabric 150 cm, only one length, add allowances for processing upper and lower sections, plus a wide belt 10-12 see Such a calculation is suitable if the volume of hips (considered a like dresses). One length skirt will suffice when the width of the hips 88-104 see If you have hips wider, you need to take two length skirt plus treatment of upper and lower sections of the product.

For the skirt-the sun will have to buy more fabric. If the width of the fabric to fit the length of the skirt and the estimated radius of the inner circle plus the binder, it is possible to buy two lengths and the diameter of the indentations of the waist. The inner radius is calculated as waist circumference divided by 2pi. If the fabric is 100-120 cm, four lengths and two diameters of indentations of the waist.
Before smachivanie skirts-sun hang cut out details on the day, securing at the waist over the dryer and on the bottom of the wedges future skirts hang clothespins for exhaust. After that re-measure the length of the product.

The amount of fabric for pants

Trousers of the same length with a width of cut of 150 cm is sufficient, if the width of your hips up to 92 cm Add to them 25-30 cm for cutting additional parts and a binder. If hip girth 94 cm, meter and more meter, you need to buy a half of the length of the pants with the addition of a binder. If fabric width is less than 140 cm, you will need to buy two lengths of the product plus the binder.

When counting the number of fabrics the product you need to remember that cutting any product is with respect to the direction of the thread. Then the finished product will not be skewed, and you will be able to go to the office. In this case, a slight savings can severely damage the quality.