Multi-functional clothes that will suit all forecasts, do not exist. Clothing depends on the customs, countries, nature. For London suitable one, and for a hot beach in Thailand is another. But there are a few principles that are suitable for all trips.

Heels have no place

Indeed, not very comfortable to walk in the mountains on a hairpin. But if the girl loves shoes, you can take one pair. For example, for a beautiful photo. At other times, it is better to give preference to comfortable shoes, not dressy. In sneakers in the Park to walk much more comfortable than huddling, but Flirty sandals.

Folding things

The same weightless jacket. Convenient, compact and suitable for any country. In the evenings, even in the desert cold. Among modern brands such a lot of things. Weighs five hundred grams and does not take place.

Multi-function combination

Every day she wants to look original. Alas, the place in the bag a little. Better not to drag on vacation ten sets, and take it easy-a combination of things. House pick up a few things that are perfect to each other. After all, the suitcase becomes easier, right? Reliable options this sports and marine Safari. These styles are the easiest to combine. But with a gorgeous dress it is not easy to do.

Crease-resistant things

The worst vacation is the rental of mashed things. Not to spoil your mood, better not to take clothes of cotton (especially dense), linen and chiffon. These fabrics are more crease. And to straighten your clothes, it should be hung on a hanger in the tub and turn the hot water. A couple of minutes - and the clothes ironed!

Clothes for Europe

The Internet has a lot of photos of girls that are a disgrace to your people. Giant stud, war paint, causing the color in the morning. It is better to wear light, simple clothing and comfortable running shoes to do soft makeup. Reserved holiday outfits for the evening.