Women in all ages were the main customers tailors. And pleasing women, tailors invented corsets - a special outfit that is pulled that is necessary to pull and to support what should be supported. Corsets did women like hourglass, but they had a slender waist and high chest.
Modern corsets is not such a brutal building, as it was in the middle ages. Today it is not customary to pull the waistline up to neck size lover, as it was before. However, to have the waist fashionable today. Why sew today corsets in order to tweak the figure in some places.
For sewing lingerie corset you must first make the pattern. Spend some measurements of her figure, and measure the underbust girth (cm is at the lower bra strap), waist. Inch covers your waist in the place where you decided to place your waistline.
If you want the waist to pull, reduce this size to the required number of inches, only within reasonable limits. Circumference of thighs centimeter passes through the protruding bones, the distance from the waist line to the point under the breast, the length of the product below the waist - measured along the side line from waist to hem, length below the waist line of the abdomen - measured in a sitting position line from the waist to the lower abdomen below the range do not interfere.
A simple underwear corset consists of seven parts: the detail back with bend, side back part - 2 details, side front part - 2 pieces front - 2 details because there will be lacing. Take a sheet of paper (preferably of graph paper) and draw the rectangular grid of the future pattern. Across the width of the grid equal to the poluobhvat hips, along the length of the grid equal to the height of the product, which consists of measurements of the distance from waist to chest plus the length below the waist.
Divide the horizontal line of the hips in half and draw a vertical line. It will be a lateral line of the corset. Now on the left is the front of the corset, to the right of his ass. Divide the front of the corset in half and draw a vertical line. Will also split and the back of the corset. Locate the centers of the side parts of the corset , and swipe the dotted line. From her you will postpone the basic measurements.
Divide the measure of poluobhvat under the breast into four and place the resulting inches on the upper segment. On the parts before received the inches are laid left to right from the leftmost point, on the details side this number is located on either side of the Central dashed line is equally divided (divided in half) on the back panels of 1/4 poluobhvat chest is deposited from right to left from the rightmost point.
Similarly, put scoops of poluobhvat waist. Connect the lower points values of poluobhvat hips on every detail of the pattern of the corset up respectively with the points of the waist and the underbust girth.
Point height to the chest on the back (upper rightmost point) raise 2-3 cm up, point length from waist to hem back (right-lower point), down 2 cm down.
Now a smooth line (you can use pattern) obtained circle pattern along the top and bottom. The lateral parts of the circle as they were obtained after the calculations. Sign each item. Keep in mind that backless detail one, folded by the fold. To Troitsa she is also the only one.