So, coral. He is recognized as extremely fashionable in the coming year. Among the most "delicious" coral-pink shades with elegant patches of "peach", "neon", "terracotta", "raspberry". At the sight of cute things in that color scheme it will be difficult to resist buying, especially in the spring and summer season. White and airy clouds will be associated dresses, blouses, skirts. All sorts of sets, this color is a subject particularly popular in the summer. To add a bit of practicality, the created images can elegantly combining white with rich red or blue hues. Warm on cloudy days all of the undertones classic red: crimson, purple, crimson, scarlet. Men will see in such abundance, only one – seductive red.

"Fifty shades of grey". So much, and maybe more in the Arsenal of fashionistas throughout the year. Grey and especially its combination with other colors: classic pink and grey, life-affirming, gray-yellow, reserved and business-like gray-blue and gray-blue, sophisticated taupe, passionate and bold gray-and-red will become a style icon for many. Business women should remember that gray can be a great alternative to classic black.

Dilute the autumn landscape of green and olive tones, bringing in the monochrome days a reminder of summer warmth. Always actual aristocratic pastel colors, they can be the base for any outfit. Mint leaves on the second plan, the fashion designers offer the ochre and beige. Finishing the images will give well-chosen accessories and makeup.

Fashion trends this year be offered to art historians and to learn to understand the intricacies of blue and blue colors. "The river", "pale cornflower blue", "air blue" - these shades will please the beautiful half of humanity in the cold season.

In conclusion, listen to the music of the names of colors and shades: "rose quartz", "peach echo", "deep sea blue", "iced coffee", "shark skin", "lush meadow", "dusty cedar". The music of colour and music of words – all these fashion trends this year.