Take the jeans that you want to modify, and with the help of a seam Ripper or manicure scissors strut seam that goes along the bottom edge of the pant leg. Outwrite the lower edge, so that it was flat and not bent.
A jeans sew flared so they looked sleeker in the figure. If your jeans are flared, turn them inside out strut side seams and make the legs straight, having small straight lines from the beginning of llesenia to the bottom edge. Line must be perpendicular to the bottom edge and make with it an angle of 90 degrees. Cut off the excess, leaving a seam and stitch jeans on new lines the side seams.
Again remove the jeans on the front side and swipe smooth fine lines for bending the lower edge at a distance of 2.5 cm from the edge. Then draw a line, on which will be folded lapel legs at a distance of 5 cm from the previous line.
Bend each leg at the planned lines and try on jeans if the breeches seem too long, cut them even more, cutting off the bottom edge, and then mark a new line of ACC. After you achieve suitable length breeches, sewn the lower section, fold it inside out and cut the pins.
Prostrochite the lower section of each leg twice at a distance of 5-7 mm from the fold, and then directly on the line of bending of the lower edge. Unscrew the wide end of the leg up the line of the lapel. Prostrochite slips to the stepper seams double reverse stitching.