You will need
  • - jeans;
  • - the tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - braid.
First and foremost, choose the right model and length of future shorts. For example, if you want to get as a result of beach shorts, you can cut the jeans as short as possible. Dreaming of more classic clothing, then your best choice is shorts just above the knee. Once you decide which model you need, start making.
First, cut the jeans to the knee, and then, putting them on, begin to measure length with the help of tailor centimeter. The perfect length of shorts will be obtained in the case, if you cut 15 cm (for those who want longer jeans) or 20 cm (for those who like shorter clothes). Do at the desired level appropriate markup, then remove the jeans and start cutting. If you are afraid to "grab" too much, start to cut for 2-3 cm, then try on.
The simplest edge treatment of the resulting shorts — overlog. If you want the edges were sealed more accurate way, tuck them into 1 cm and prostrochite.
If you want to make the shorts more than the original, of the remaining leg do the cuffs on your shorts. For this cutting gacha is cut into two strips, of a width of approximately 12 cm (width of cuff 2 width + 2 cm on allowances). Length shorts size 46 should be approximately 60 cm + 2 cm for allowances.
Each strip of fabric fold in half, but not exactly, and so that on the one hand, from below, the edge could be seen just by 1 cm Is required, to the stitching did not appear thick seams on the product. Baste cuff right up to the edge, leaving 1-2 cm on podvorot on the edge.
Carefully stitch and sew to the edge of the shorts. Iron, all your shorts ready.
Can do shorts with cuffs in a simpler way. To do this, cut the jeans near the knee. Then wrap them to the desired length. Short shorts work, if tuck the remaining gacha 30-40 cm the Average length is the result of tuck pant legs 20 cm Shorts close to Bermuda, get when you tuck gacha 10 cm. Baste, then stitch and get ready cuffs.
If you want to make your shorts more glamorous, cut them shorter so that from the waist to the edge of the shorts was 15-20 cm. Tuck the edges inside and sew. After, again, from the inside, sew to edge of short tape. She needs to peek out from under the edge of 1-1,5 cm it is Advisable to use white to contrast between the dark jeans and jewelry.