Take the pattern and transfer it to the fabric. To all the details when you trace the pattern, add seam at 1.5 cm and hem add 3 cm cut out of the shorts on the fabric – first, cut out the two parts of the front, then the two parts of the back of the shorts, take two pockets – one you will sew the back of the shorts and the other in front.
Separately cut a strip of fabric with a length of 60 cm and a width of 6 cm for the waist. Adhesive dublerin cut two strips 2.5 cm wide – with their help, you will strengthen the upper edge of the pockets.
The allowances cut the pockets stick dublerin and zautyuzhte. Then sewn sections and stitch the top edge at a distance of 1 mm from the bend, and then at a distance of 7 mm from bend prostrochite pockets again.
The remaining zautyuzhte allowances of pockets inside and pockets put on the prepared part of future shorts and pristrochite double stitching.
Sewn sections detail the shorts, and then prostrochite on the machine side and stepping seams. At the side seam do the two finishing lines, and the rear and front seam, follow the single line. Zautyuzhte and finish with a zigzag slices.
Now fold in half and zautyuzhte a strip of cloth, procured for the belt, prostrochite it on the long side, then stitch in the ring and pristrochite to the top edge of the shorts.
Lay a parallel line finishing thread 1 mm from the seam primaqiune. In the free space inside the belt pass gum.