You will need
  • -Batiste, silk Jersey or a high quality synthetic;
  • -lace or embroidery — about 4 m;
  • -Laundry gum — 2 m;
  • -embroidery floss;
  • -sewing thread according to the thickness and color of fabric;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -needle for knitting;
  • -graph paper;
  • pencil;
  • -line..
Make pattern. If you have a pattern fairly narrow pants, you can use it. If the finished pattern there is no need to build it. Measure around your hips and divide the resulting number by 2. The measure should be divided by 3, 6, 8, and 16. Results record.
On a sheet of graph paper draw a horizontal Lin equal to poluobhvat hips, plus 5 cm Down from the ends of the line guide perpendicular. Put on them distances equal to 1/3 poluobhvat hips. Connect the mid-line. Divide the perpendiculars in half through the middle, slide the line parallel to the top.
Continue the bottom line. Put the left segment is equal to 1/8 of poluobhvat hips, and right — 1/16. Mark these points in any letters — e.g. A and B. From these new points lead down the perpendiculars at a distance of 5 cm and connect the resulting points with a straight line.
From the top left corner of the grid put the right 4 cm and place the point. Connect it to a smooth line with point A. the Arc will continue up to 3 cm This is a new point connect straight with the upper right corner of the grid. Point To connect with the right end of the middle line of the grid. Cut out the pattern.
Fold the fabric in half face inside. Lay the pattern so that the lobe filament of the fabric correspond to the vertical lines of the pattern. The seam is also better to draw from. Vertical slices, leave 1 cm on horizontal — 2, 3-3 see Cut out detail.
Fold one item inside out and align the sections of the legs. Sweeps them, sostrochite and Ratatouille seam. Allowances can be treated with overlock or neaten. You can also bend them to the side of the main fabric and stitch. Similarly stitch the second leg.
Now we need to astrocyte Central seam. For this, remove one Trouser leg on the front side, the other leave as is. Attach the first leg to the second. Baste and try on. You may have something customized. If everything is OK, sew the long seam. Allowances will do exactly the same as you did on the leg. Both fold the seam allowance to one side and zautyuzhte.
Fold the top edge 2 times. Baste the ACC, not forgetting to leave a hole for the elastic. Prostrochite ACC. Sewn hole and insert the elastic. Similarly, fold and hem the poor in both legs.
Adorn bloomers sewing or lace. A piece of lace divide in half and sew 2 identical rings. Lace is better to sew a lapped 0.5 cm "zigzag." Will structure lace. This can be done manually, using a seam "forward a needle" or machine stitch with long stitches. Pull the ring to it's width equal to the leg. Put it on the bottom of the pant legs and sew "zigzag" or manually.