You will need
  • - wide elastic;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - pins;
  • needle;
  • - Mel (the remnant);
  • thread;
  • - iron.
Try to sew boxer shorts or a skirt from two panels (top and rear) on a wide elastic band. When building patterns provide a one-piece belt. Leave it to the hem in two widths of braid with an allowance of 1.5 cm.
Treat all joints of the main products, in addition to hems for future belt-kuliske. Make the necessary calculations: grasp elastic in the waist and add about 2 cm on joints.
Sew the ends of the broad bands, leaving a small allowance. The edge of the slices manually process the overlock seam. Lay allowances on the wrong side of the stitched braid and attach them to the top and bottom edges, a few small hand stitches.
Divide the upper hem of the garment for six to eight (depending on waist size and length of an elastic braid) equal sections. Mark the boundaries of segments tailor's chalk or a remnant. Do the same on the gum.
Run along the top, raw cut hem product about a centimeter tall and zautyuzhte it on the wrong side. Then align the marks on the elastic band and the hem of the belt.
Secure wide elastic band on the cloth on wrong side of work with safety pins. The braid should lie the upper edge exactly lined rolled edges of the fabric.
Now you need to pristroit wide elastic belt with four special elastic lines or (for stronger hold) three-piece lines "stretch".
While working on the sewing machine it is necessary to stretch the working portion of the braid, to the finished belt-kuliske came out of the same small build.
First, lay the engine line at the bottom of a wide elastic band, then remove the pins and turn the braid inside is sewn together with the cloth. The following line is routed close (about 2-2,5 mm) to the inner slice of the working fabric. The remaining stitches will be parallel to the top and bottom lines.