In addition to fabric, you'll need glue fleece or dublerin and button and zipper. The pattern of the capris in place onto a sheet of tracing paper in full size, correcting the measurements of the pattern in accordance with the dimensions of the person you are sewing.
Fully constructing the pattern of the pants, peresnimite separately the pattern of the pocket and then move the pattern pieces on the fabric, after finding out in which direction it is stretched along or across. Cut out of fabric details, adding a small seam not more than 1.5 cm on each side.
Take two parts the front half of pants, two details of the rear half, the two parts of the inner part pockets, right and left belt, and the facing bottom. Belt detail from the inside glue the interlining to strengthen them, and glue the facing bottom. Treat the details of future pants in the correct order – start with Darts.
Sew the Darts in the pattern, and then zautyuzhte them from the inside, sending tuck to the line of medium suture. Then stitch the side seams before reaching the entrances to the pockets and bottom slit. On forward halves of trousers lay along the entrance to the pocket decorative stitch at 7 mm from the edge. Pin to the seam allowance of the pocket's inner the sacking of the pocket and then sew it with a needle and thread.
Topstitch the pocket on the front side of the pants, and then sostrochite together stepper seams. Put each other the two halves of the pants, right sides together and sostrochite sections of the bow cut from a zipper to the stepper seams, and then sew to the pants zipper at left above the incision.
To the top of the pants, sew the waistband and then zautyuzhte on the belt allowances of seams primaqiune. Fold along the waistband, sew the front ends and remove them. Topstitch the inner side of the belt from the front to the back Darts.
Take an elastic tape, cut it into two equal parts and pass in drawstring belt. Above tucks Topstitch the ends of the braid, and the inner half of the belt left open. Now stitch the back center seam of the pants.
Piping bottom connect with the pants, right sides to each other, and then pin the pins and pristrochite on a typewriter along the edges of the bottom section. Fold down the upper edge obtachki inside out and prostrochite. Sew to the pants button.