You will need
  • cloth;
  • - sewing supplies.
Choose soft and stretch fabric – best fit cotton knit that stretches, but not stretched and retains its shape. Prepare the lace, which will slide in the drawstring at the waistband, scissors, thread.
Prepare the pattern of the leg – will watertite it yourself, schematically, taking into account all the dimensions and do not forget to do the seam. You will need a waist measurement, hip measurement, the distance from waist to crotch, two lengths (side – from the waist to the ankles, and the internal from the crotch to the ankle).
Build the pattern on a large sheet of paper in full size. The side of the sport pants will be in one piece, without seams.
The second option is cutting – make pattern for other pants that you wear or wore. Just add a few inches for the handle the bottom and on the cap zone.
Sweeps the details of the pants. Attach the legs face each other and treat the seams. Try on the pants, checking how closely they match your figure.
Sew pants. Prostrochite seams basted, remove the auxiliary thread, treat the seams with a serger. Finishing seams is necessary, as the knitwear can "crawl" in the process of socks.
Treat the lower part of the pants. First prostrochite the edge, treating them with the serger, then fold and stitch a normal seam.
Make a belt. Finish the edges with overlock. Then sew detail for the formation of the drawstring strip of the same fabric, but smaller. Prostrochite the stripe on the sides, leaving space for threading the drawstring. Or just fold the belt and prostrochite two decorative lines. Treat holes for the lace.
Prepare the lace. As pants sports, it is assumed that you will perform a variety of movement, so the belt must also be flexible and have a good stretch. You can wear it instead of lace the bodice. Or make yourself stretch lace, lousy in it, a rubber strip in the middle.
Thread the drawstring-drawstring tie at the ends of the knots. Sports pants ready.