You will need
  • the pattern of the shorts;
  • - 0.5 m denim;
  • - lining fabric for burlap pockets;
  • - thread matching fabric and contrasting color for the decorative stitches;
  • - blocks;
  • - button;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - overlock;
  • - a sewing machine.
Make a paper pattern of the shorts. It can take from a fashion magazine or download from the Internet. The key is to use the pattern for sewing the shorts are from stretch fabrics.
Denim fabric fold the widowed face inward and attach the pattern. Draw it small and cut, leaving 1.5 cm on all the slices on the seams and a 2 cm hem at the bottom of the leg. Details for neskowin will have plenty of pockets made of lining fabric.
Denim fabric is very thick, so when sewing, set the machine needle No. 100. now proceed directly to the sewing. First, you need to sew the front of the shorts. Finish the edges of burlap. Attach the facing to the front side of the front at the entrance of the pocket and Topstitch, slightly pulling the fabric. In areas of curvature of the facing and main fabric nadsekite up lines.
The seam allowance of the pocket with a turn facing to wrong side. Fold the facing and baste it. The front side double decorative stitching of the pocket using a special foot for double seams. Align the marks of the pocket and sew the second part of the burlap.
Baste metal zipper and finish the fly. Stepper sew a seam with double stitching.
Usually denim shorts decorates the back yoke. Combine this detail with the rear half. Sew a seam on the handle overlock. Detail straighten, press so that the seam is routed up. On the front side sew with double stitching with decorative thread.
To the rear Karmann keep in shape, glue a small strip of fleece on the top slice and treat it overlong seam. Attach to the reverse side details the paper template, bend the allowances and carefully priutyuzhte. Attach the tailor's needle pockets to the rear halves of the shorts and sew a double decorative stitching. In the corners of the pockets, attach the blocks with a special tool.
Stepper and baste the side seams and slide the fitting. Adjust the fit on the figure and prostrochite on a typewriter allowances, then treat them on the serger, and zautyuzhte on the front side lay decorative stitching.
Sew the waistband. Install a special button for jeans and finish the loop for the clasp. The lower sections of the shorts tuck 2 times, first 2 mm and then 1 — 1.5 cm and prostrochite close to the edge.