The skort is a shortened version of the skort. There is this model in those days, when women were looking for something to ride horses. A trip to the Amazon and a side saddle - elegant, but uncomfortable. Wearing pants were not accepted. There was a compromise - culottes. Skort - a later invention.

Sew a skirt-the shorts can at home using the skirt pattern pants.

Expanding the pattern skort, you must divide the front half into three parts. Then it separated the first third of the vertical line drawn from the bend lines. On this line we have to move the dart. You must now carry out a similar construction on the rear half of the pattern of the skort.

The result of these manipulations obtained by the vertical lines. It is necessary to make the cuts from the bottom up and push for the necessary width. The optimal width is not less than 4 cm and the length of the incision depends on the depth of tuck made. Than it deeper, the smaller should be the size.

The next step is the shortening of the length of the skirt. After the pattern is short, you can experiment with the style and details of the "leg". Welcome inverted pleats, tucks or pockets.

Combine this combined garment with different parts of your wardrobe. Wearing over this toilet fur coat and supplementing all that high boots, you will get flashy and extravagant attire. Summer shorts is an irresistible look with a short top or tunic. Open legs, gilded tan will attract a lot of admiring glances.

Wear this practical and original piece wardrobe with a sport shirt Polo or t-shirt. Turtleneck with culottes will look strictly and suitable even for the office. Dressy blouse and extravagant decorations in combination with the skirt is quite appropriate for the party.

This style fits perfectly with the simple drape of the jacket or pullover. When the street is damp and cool, this dress you can go to a business meeting, or walk. Of course, it is necessary to remember about the compatibility of the tissues.

Experiment not only with the details of the style, but also with the material. The fabric can be almost any. Looks great skirt-shorts made of tweed, cashmere, drape, linen, cotton, silk and even lace. In light of today's fashion on the transparent skirt is quite possible variant of the skirts-shorts of organza.