The most fashionable manicure for a long time is the French manicure. He now is of different types. If you wish, you can make it more diverse. Manicure is divided into:

  • classic;
  • Millenium;
  • color;
  • non-standard;
  • fan French.

Following the fashion trend is the natural manicure, which uses pastel colors. Trendy tones are translucent, cream color and light pink. In fashion also remain solid tone. That is, to cover one favorite color. For winter and autumn fit more cool tones beige, brown, grey and other. In the summer or the spring time it is better to wear a manicure in bright colors. The most popular bright colors this year are turquoise, green, red, yellow, pink.

Fashionable manicure remains "Ombre" - stretching color. It can change shades from light to dark or Vice versa. This manicure looks very impressive and stylish. The latest novelty in fashion this bubble nails. This is a very unusual manicure and not all the girls like him, but despite this, he is quite popular.

Now also has a completely new design of manicure is - broken glass. This manicure in the beginning, did in South Korea, but soon he achieved great popularity and spread around the world. The essence of this manicure is that the nail is applied a special sticker that give the effect of broken glass.

You may have heard of Mani as a "negative space". Its essence is that the nail is not painted completely and leave some space unfilled.

Regarding the form of nails, then the most popular shape is rectangular. Also popular nail shapes - almond, oval and square. The acute form is long gone out of fashion.

If you follow fashion trends, be sure to try these styles manicure. Believe me, you will be the most fashionable, because your nails should not only look good but also look spectacular and attract the attention of other people.