You will need
  • graph paper for the construction of the pattern; ruler; pencil; scissors; pins; fabric – 1 m; elastic waistband; fleece; zip-fastener (14 cm); decorative button
Produced using the tape measure the following measurements: the length of the shorts; waist circumference; thigh circumference; the circumference of the girth of the place where the length of the shorts. For the construction of the pattern of the shorts, you need to decide what kind of fabric will be produced the shorts and which model you prefer. After that, go to the construction of patterns.
Build the pattern of the trousers the correct model. The construction pattern of the shorts is based on the transformation of the pattern of the pants. And then, on the basis of the created patterns raschertite the pattern of the shorts. To do this, spend a horizontal line across the pattern long pants (the distance depends on the desired long shorts). Then cut the lower part of the pattern (final long leg) and attach a new piece of graph paper to create a pattern roll edge, at what width should be slightly greater than the width of the leg produced a short line final length.
Swipe below the final length of the shorts three parallel lines. One draw at a distance of 4 cm from the line of finite length, the second, retreating to 4 cm from the first line, and a third, departing at 2 cm from the second line. All the extra paper below 3 lines cut. Then fold the pattern at the location of the three drawn lines. Note the continuation of the edge line with the main patterns of the shorts on podvoroty. And again cut all the excess paper along this line.
Transfer the completed pattern to the fabric, to do this, apply a paper pattern directly onto the fabric and cut out all of the details on the fabric, adding 1 cm from each edge of the fabric for seams. Then connect all the details of the stitches, while not touching the podvoroty. Then prostrochite all the edges of the joint on the machine and secure podvoroty, prostraciya through the continuation of the seam which connects the parts of the shorts. Then insert the zipper, prostracii machine stitch from the wrong side and sew a button.