Take the pattern of ordinary women's pants, a little zanista the waist – no more than 3-5 cm. Measure the length of future shorts, and check what length you need to trim the legs with a large pattern. Draw a straight line with a ruler to make a mark, and the excess part of the pattern move.
On the front half of the pattern of future shorts set, which will be the pocket – back from side seam at the waist 3 cm, and then back down diagonally to the side seam. This way you will be able to set the line of the pocket.
Draw a straight line from tuck up to the bottom edge, both on the front and on the rear half of the pattern. Cut the pattern along the line, close the tuck and extend the bottom of the shorts, and then fill in the side seams – they should be straight. Now separately take zone, drawing a rectangle the desired length. The width of the rectangle should be 16 see
Then take decorative belt from a different cloth and the belt loops that can also be made from other fabrics, so they look original. Don't forget about the seam. The size of the loops without allowances should be 5x3 cm
On the front half of the pattern, cut the area under the line of departure in the pocket and make some pockets from the same fabric that you sew the shorts. Also take a break and sew to the finished shorts inside the burlap pocket.
Sostrochite all the details of future shorts, making sure that they all match each other in the direction of the grain lines. Sew the waistband, belt loops and decorative belt, connect the external and stepper seams. Hem the bottom edge of the shorts.