You will need
  • - cut-way stretch knit of a dark color;
  • pattern;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine with Jersey stitching and the foot;
  • needle for knitting;
  • - overlock;
  • - tracing paper or newspaper;
  • - elastic webbing;
  • - threads;
  • - iron and gauze.
Correctly choose the working fabric for sewing leggins. Experienced seamstresses usually use Jersey, best of all – the-way stretch. It stretches in two directions and retains its shape after washings. It is important that the fabric was nice to wear – after all, leggings are usually worn on the naked body.
Stitching the product is recommended from dark fabric, then the pants can be combined with clothes of different colors. In addition, they visually make the legs more slender.
Make pattern of the leggings to desired length - long, medium or short. The easiest option is to find a finished drawing of a suitable size or use the old skinny jeans, carefully thrust them into the inside seam. Parts cut can be decomposed into-way stretch knits across and along.
Prepare the right tools for sewing knit. You need a specially designed thin needle (they will push the slices of loops on knitted fabric without damaging them). Well, if the sewing machine has a knit stitch. If not, to make the seam elasticity, you need to configure the zigzag, making it more frequent. Finally, you will need a special foot for knits and a serger.
Make neat slices parts cut and finish them with serger. Next, grind details knit pants straight stitching (an inch should be 5-7 stitches!). If the machine can't deal with loose leaf, use the advice of experienced seamstresses: put the newspaper under the wrong side of the working fabric or to make strips of tracing paper and lay them on top of the lines. With the finished product paper will be easy to clean.
Treat the bottom edge of the pants with the serger, with a little stretch fabric. Then put on overlay seam elastic tape and prostrochite it zigzag. Instead, you can tuck the hem (4cm for a hem) and sew it with a double needle ("face" things will work out with double stitching). Another option is to sew the cuffs that have to fold the foot. They should be slightly narrower leg opening.
Follow the hem of the top products, leaving its inner side a small hole. You only have to wear it the elastic band.