So the first rule of the adult wardrobe – replace slinky and sexy things a little more boxy. Use bright colors, but balance them calm, basic elements. And definitely, it has to be clothing made of natural fabrics. Synthetic and everything that looks cheap is uncomfortable and not aesthetically pleasing. Take care of your comfort and status. Good fabric and quality stitching ensures a flawless appearance.

The second rule is: choose light colors. Dark clothes are quite practical, but stressed the age-related changes as the face and figure. Choose lighter, pastel colors. They are not only beneficial to highlight your face, but will also make the way more easy and soaring.

The third rule: the longer things get, the older. No, this rule is not calling you to all sorts of "mini", but rather - the rejection of all "Maxi". The Golden mean of your wardrobe – just below the knee. This applies to: skirts, dresses and even coats. This moderate length will give the image of elegance and will not give extra.

The fourth rule: minimalism in the details. Moderation in accessories the mark of a Mature style. If your image requires any accent, you need to decide what area needs it the most. If the waist – a slim strap with a sleek buckle. For bust – a neat brooch or a small pendant. Using too many accessories you can get tasteless in an awkward position. If in youth, an abundance of bright elements can be attributed to shocking, the way the Mature lady is at least a sign of bad taste.

Rule five: bags and shoes 45+. Forget about the shapeless bag and the Granny Slippers! The bag should be lightweight, of the required size and shape, as well as good quality. It can be a bright accent of your outfit, or if it is a branded item made of leather – an elegant addition. By following these simple tips and, of course, making a basic wardrobe according to the age and fashion trends, any woman will look stylish and fascinating. Think over the details of your image and combine them with hair and makeup. Even time will not have any power over femininity and beauty.