According to the "Law on education", rules for admission of first-graders are determined by the founder of the educational institution is enshrined in the Charter. They should provide opportunities for all citizens living in a certain area. To record your child's first grade public school, complete the application for admission addressed to the Director and register it with the school. Attach to the application a certified copy of the birth certificate of the child.If the child did not go to kindergarten, will receive a medical card uniform form 026/u-2000 in the children's clinic at the place of residence. Reassure her seal of the chief physician. In kindergarten you will receive a card at release. It must have details of all vaccinations that have been made, previous illnesses, test results and full medical examination. If your child is on September 1 will be under the age of 6.5 years, but in school, you already want to send in the medical record should be a mark that he has no contraindications to training at school for health reasons. The decision on admission of the child at an earlier age will be taken by the founder of the educational institution on the basis of statements of parents.What documents are needed for the school, which will go your child, check in advance. In many educational institutions may additionally require not only the original birth certificate of the child, but the passport someone from parents, health insurance, characteristics of the child from the kindergarten, a certificate from a neurologist. At some institutions you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire on the attached form and provide photographs of the child.According to the order No. 204 by the Ministry of education, no additional data on the parents or the child you are not required to be provided. Illegal is the requirement to present a certificate of employment or residence, salary certificates or medical evidence of the child's development and readiness for school.