Advice 1: What documents are needed for school

Many parents question about what school will their child begins care long before it will be time to leave the kindergarten. And this is quite reasonable – the sooner you attend to this matter, the greater the likelihood that your child will go to school and to the teacher whom you choose.
What documents are needed for school
According to the "Law on education", rules for admission of first-graders are determined by the founder of the educational institution is enshrined in the Charter. They should provide opportunities for all citizens living in a certain area. To record your child's first grade public school, complete the application for admission addressed to the Director and register it with the school. Attach to the application a certified copy of the birth certificate of the child.If the child did not go to kindergarten, will receive a medical card uniform form 026/u-2000 in the children's clinic at the place of residence. Reassure her seal of the chief physician. In kindergarten you will receive a card at release. It must have details of all vaccinations that have been made, previous illnesses, test results and full medical examination. If your child is on September 1 will be under the age of 6.5 years, but in school, you already want to send in the medical record should be a mark that he has no contraindications to training at school for health reasons. The decision on admission of the child at an earlier age will be taken by the founder of the educational institution on the basis of statements of parents.What documents are needed for the school, which will go your child, check in advance. In many educational institutions may additionally require not only the original birth certificate of the child, but the passport someone from parents, health insurance, characteristics of the child from the kindergarten, a certificate from a neurologist. At some institutions you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire on the attached form and provide photographs of the child.According to the order No. 204 by the Ministry of education, no additional data on the parents or the child you are not required to be provided. Illegal is the requirement to present a certificate of employment or residence, salary certificates or medical evidence of the child's development and readiness for school.

Advice 2: Free meals at school: what documents are needed

Every year the cost of educating a child in the school grow significantly. Payment books, household needs, repair class and school, electives, meals and after-hours group significantly Deplete the contents of dad's wallet. However, not all parents know that it is possible to arrange free meals in secondary school. For this you need to confirm their belonging to the preferential category of the population.
Free meals at school: what documents are needed
You first need to determine if you can claim the privilege in the form of free meals at school.

It can obtain:
- children from large families;
- children from low-income families;
- orphans or children left without parental care;
- children with disabilities;
- children in difficult life situation;
- children from families affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

For each preferential category has its own list of documents. As a rule, documents are provided to the social worker of the school.
For children from large families received free food, you must provide:
- a written statement about the free food;
- a copy of the certificate of mother (father).
Children from low-income families confirm their privileges by a certificate from social security authorities stating that their family is low-income and receive a corresponding benefit. Additional written statement on providing free meals.
Orphans or children left without parental care, also have the opportunity to eat in school. To do this, the guardian writes a statement. A list of enrolled orphaned children each new academic year the school provides the Department of custody and guardianship.
To obtain free food to children with disabilities must complete an application form and provide a certificate of disability.
Children in difficult life situation, is a special category, as this provision has no official confirmation. As a rule, the definition of the status of "difficult situations" assigned to the class teacher. Parents need to explain to the teacher the difficult situation of the family and the reason why parents cannot pay child food. The class teacher is the act of examination of housing conditions. Social worker refers the document to the Department of custody and guardianship, which must take a decision and send to the school a petition to free the child's diet. Unlike other privileged categories, free food will be provided only during the calendar year.
Children from families affected by the accident at Chernobyl also have the opportunity to eat at school. It is necessary to write the application and to provide a certificate confirming preferential category.
Unfortunately, to be paid from the local budget Breakfast only. If the child attends a day care center, the parents will have to pay for lunch. In addition, the law stipulates a specific amount for payment of a food of children in schools. If the cost of Breakfast at the school exceeds this amount, the parents offer to compensate for the difference. Otherwise, a separate discounted menu, which is inferior as usual.

Please note that the exemption is available only to children attending state secondary schools.
Useful advice
A statement on the provision of free meals to spell each new academic year. As a rule, are processed the papers in April-may. If you know about your favorable position during the school year, please notify the social pedagogue. He will tell you how to apply for free meals.
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