First, you need to decide on the question whether there is a need to enrol in cadet school? Maybe it's a fad or just an imitation of the neighbor's party? If the child has clearly defined its aspirations, it is necessary to start preparing for school in advance. Well, if the family is military, or at school where she's a teenager, there are special cadet classes, preparing for further admission.
Further, study at your chosen institution, the list of necessary for the receipt of documents. This can be done in the open day, which is usually arranged in the first months of spring, in the military or on official websites in the Internet. The list contains a specific list, which typically includes information about the state of health, extract from the personal file of the student, a certificate of social status (an orphan brought up in a large family, etc.).
Second, you should provide curriculum vitae, a personal statement to the head of the school from the candidate cadets, notarized copy of birth certificate (at the time of admission the child should be less than 15 years), the original copy of report card with grades for the last three quarters of the school year, the pedagogical characteristics, certified by the stamp of the school and signed by the class teacher and the Director, four photographs, size 3*4, without headgear.
Must provide a copy of medical insurance policy that has to be notarized, certificate of employment of parents, which should specify the nature of their employment.
Learn can a child take advantage of the benefits upon admission. Typically, such information provides special Commission, which conducts testing and interview with prospective cadets.
It must be remembered that in the cadet school take boys and girls who graduated from primary school, stay in school non-stop, on full state support. Normally, parents are allowed to pick up the kids for the weekend, but each institution its own rules.
The graduates of cadet colleges can enroll in the Academy, the Academy of the FSB, Military University, Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation on General grounds. No benefits for admission they have not, however, the obtained knowledge enable them to get to the chosen higher educational institution without much difficulty.