Who should have a medical book

A list of occupations, a requirement which is the presence of a medical certificate, shall be established by normative acts of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. As a rule, individual regulations of regional authorities approving the procedure of mandatory preventive medical examinations and obtaining hygiene certification. Medical book the workers listed in these lists are obtained after a physical examination, conducting laboratory research and listening course that introduces the necessary basics of hygiene.

This requirement is common for those who work in the trade and is associated with food and drinking water, as well as goods intended for contact with food and drinking water. The medical card is mandatory for sellers of children's goods, perfumes and cosmetics. It should have all who work in the public catering enterprises, food warehouses and shops, those who transportorul food products, as well as those drivers who work on public transport.

This document requires teachers and teachers, as well as medical personnel of maternity homes and hospitals, sanatorium-resort industry, institutions for children and the disabled, hotels and hostels. It must have the workers of baths and hairdressing salons, swimming pools, sports and recreation organizations and clubs.

The medical card will need pharmacists, who arranged to work on the production of drugs, and those who want to work in the pharmacy. It will need to arrange for work on the water supply and Sewerage installations and networks. Students living in the dorms or going on internship at those companies that require a medical certificate, will also need to register them. The same requirement applies to participants in multi-level marketing.

Where to get a medical book

For receipt of a medical certificate should be submitted to the territorial unit of the Sanitary Center of hygiene and epidemiology. You must present your passport and bring a 3x4 photo, there you will need to write an application for issuance of a medical certificate and to pay the bill for the form of the order of 250 rubles.

Having an empty medical book issued in your name, contact the clinic at the place of registration, where you will be given a list of specialists that you will need to visit the list of tests that need to be passed. Medical examination paid and, in the General case, the cost will be about 4,000 rubles. A specific list of specialists depends on where you get a job.