For registration of sanitary books you first need to find out which clinic offers this service. To know the list of required documents and tests that need to be collected. Bring your passport (original and photocopy), one photo 3x4, data on vaccination (if any).
Come to the clinic for tests and medical examinations. Be sure to make chest x-rays and walk all the doctors, recorded in your health book. They should put you a diagnosis that you are healthy and fit to work. The screening should include TB testing, skin diseases, and carriers of the causative agents of intestinal infections, helminth infections and other viruses.
Write an application for issuance Blanca health books, pay for her medical examination to the cashier of the clinic. After that you can start exploring. Secure the screening with the seal and signature of the chief physician. All the data of medical examination are stored in the database of the clinic in case of loss of health books. Remember that recertification should be held annually. Every year you should come to the clinic that gave you the sanitary bookfor passing the re-screening. Thus, you can extend its sanitary book, and at the same time confirm their fitness to work.