You will need
  • money.
  • premises;
  • equipment;
  • - doctor's diploma, certificate, refresher courses, etc.;
  • - at least 5 years of medical practice.
First register as a private entrepreneur and find suitable premises. Complete your rental agreement and make repairs to the premises caused trust in patients.
Prepare the office to visit SES – purchase sterilising solutions, disinfectants, notebooks for recording daily sterilizations, etc. (the list you are given in the SES). In addition, purchase all necessary furniture and equipment for medical practices, and this list is also defined by the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation.
Contact the company that has the license for export of household and medical waste, and sign the corresponding contract. Here get a special box for medical waste. In addition, you will need a contract for disposal of fluorescent lamps.
Invite your neighbours and friends to check (don't forget to pay a visit to the Commission). If everything is in order they will provide you with a verification report (usually no longer than a week). A month later, the act will sign the chief physician of SES. Take the signed deed to the city of SES, based on it you will make a formal conclusion (a month later).
Meanwhile prepare for the visit of the licensing Committee. Buy and put on accounting of cash register and personal printing.
For all equipment prepare the documents confirming the legality of the acquisition. The absence of any device from a list may be cause for denial of license (even if it is not required for operation, you still have to buy).
Prepare documents proving your doctoral achievements: diploma, certificate, refresher courses, etc. in addition, you will need documents about medical experience, at least 5 years of experience in a clinic or hospital. Please note that teaching experience is not taken into account.
If all documents are in order, in a couple of weeks wait for the license fee (don't forget to pay a visit). To eliminate the deficiencies found will give you two months, if all is in order, the Commission will draw up an act of inspection.
Wait until the meeting of the licensing Committee (normally no more than two weeks), it will be a decision about granting you a license to practice medicine. An extract from the minutes of the meeting can already begin to work, showing her clients, asking the question about the license.
Finally, when the license is ready (a few months), pay it and get. Now you can safely operate and accept patients.