The behaviour of the applicant at the interview should really be such that the employer wanted to hire him. Which is why pre-plan your actions and do some rehearsal in front of a mirror or with the participation of someone from relatives. First of all, you have to be ready all the necessary documents: passport, employment history, diploma of education and available summary. Only the presence of them all will allow the employer immediately to get the full picture about your personality. Fold the papers in a beautiful and convenient location that will show you how careful and practical person.
Specify the time in which you must come for an interview. Try to get to your destination in 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time to show your punctuality. Hold on with dignity, try not to worry and not to stumble in the words. Office of the employer it is better to enter in a cheerful mood and with a smile on her face. Behave as if you fully believe in yourself as the only worthy candidate for this position.
Be prepared for the fact that the first employer will ask you to tell about yourself. Do not read your resume and say extracts from it: rather, him your partner reviewed in advance. Let some of the most important and unique facts of your life, of education and previous work experience.
So you got the job after the interview, tell me why you chose this company and want to get in her position. For this it is better to learn about the activities and achievements of the enterprise. Show that the work here makes you admiration and you are highly motivated for achievement of high results. High awareness of the applicant company will love management because you do not have to enter the person in the course of current Affairs.
One of the trickiest questions to answer is who sees himself as a seeker after some time working in the company. If you firmly focused on good results, not stesnyaytes to name leadership positions, employers often like assertiveness and self-confidence on the part of the applicant, and that the way to behave at the interview to get the job.
Communicate with the employer at ease, as if I knew him for a long time. Try freely without pauses and zapinali to answer any of his questions. Be sure to show your willingness to begin work as soon as possible and don't forget to give a few facts, which distinguishes you from other applicants. Refine your questions about future responsibilities, schedule of work and wages, then thank the representative of the company for giving you the time and say goodbye to him.