The medical (sanitary) book needs to be in the presence of everyone who works in the field of food, namely from their manufacture, transportation, storage and sale. In addition to the above, care book should have the following people:
workers of preschool institutions;
workers sewer facilities and networks;
workers health professions;
workers of educational institutions;
- workers in trading industry and the field of municipal and consumer services;
- specialists of transport companies.

You should know that the personal health book is an official document. This suggests that those who have not purchased or has not renewed his medical book, but then continues with its work, should there be a compulsory item of its possession, has this step criminal liability.

If the medical book is issued, but its validity came to an end, the owner may for the purpose of saving of personal time making a new document, millet extend an existing one.

Extension health books

Anyone who has ever experienced design health books in public clinics, it is known that it is a very long process that requires not only the cost of personal time, money, and nerves on the long waiting queues. Therefore, today, private medical centres offer the best solution for those who value their time, and also those sanitary book is urgently needed for the design to work. The time spent on the renewal of the document in such institutions, does not take more than one day.

I want to draw attention to the fact that these centers help to quickly extend the sanitary book only as a result of professional medical examination. In different spheres of labour activity the frequency of such inspection is not the same. For example, workers in food should undergo a professional inspection once a year. This also applies to heads of enterprises and organizations.

The convenience of working with private medical centers is in the fact that heads of the enterprises can sign a contract with them for regular maintenance. This will allow to extend medical books to workers in your organization, quickly and organized. Because now you don't need to ask every time to extend an existing document.

The importance of extending health books

Given the ecological situation in the world, the Ministry of health especially trying to protect food and drinking water from sources of diseases. The state spends every year large sums of money from the General budget to improve the situation in the field, and personal sanitary book is one of the methods to protect the health of citizens.