To be admitted to the unemployed and you could count on social assistance from the state, you should be able-bodied citizen, not receiving any of the existing pension types. You should not be no work, including part-time or temporary employment, but you have to want to find her and be ready to begin performing work duties at any time. You are required to register in the territorial office of the employment Center and be there within 10-day period to get the first two areas to work. In the case when during this period a suitable job for you is not found, you receive the status of unemployed on the basis of those documents that were submitted by you during the initial request and its date.
For registration in the employment Center, you will need to submit the following documents:
- the document proving the identity;
- a certificate of average earnings for the year of operation preceding the termination;
labor book and other documents that would confirm your employment history;
- documents about the obtained education and qualification;
- the certificate on statement on the account in tax inspection (INN);
- insurance certificate of the Pension Fund.
In that case, when you have never worked and only want to get once trained, you will need to show only the Russian passport and the document on education.
When you are disabled, in addition to the above documents need to submit from the social welfare authorities work recommendation and medical report on the conditions and mode of work recommended, or specially designed programme of rehabilitation of disabled persons. Some people who are not recognized as disabled in official order, also may be restrictions on certain types of work for health reasons. Them if they want to exercise this right, you must also submit to the employment Center medical certificate confirming the existence of such restrictions.