Advice 1: How to get a sanatorium card

In order to get treatment in the sanatorium, it is necessary to sanatorium-resort card. It is issued by the attending doctor after the patient to present a ticket. It shows the results of the surveys and also determined indications and contraindications for treatment.
How to get a sanatorium card
Contact your doctor and not later than fifteen weeks before the start of the tour. The medical examination and filling out paperwork will take time, it is in your interests to have time to arrange everything before departure to sanatorium.
Get a doctor referral to blood and urine, electrocardiogram and chest x-rays. Maybe the doctor will give directions to other research or they would recommend any specialists. It depends on the specialization of the sanatorium. For example, sanatorium Allergy profile require Allergy tests and the conclusion of the allergist. If you consist on the account at any experts, take their advice. Women should visit a gynecologist and get a conclusion about absence of contraindications to sanatorium-resort treatment. To those who ever was on the account at the psychiatrist, and need help from the specialist.
Complete all necessary research, do the tests, get the conclusion of experts. Take the entire package of medical reports and conclusions of the treating physician. He will fill the sanatorium-resort card according to the instructions on its filling.
Assure ready SANATORNO-a resort map from the physician and Department head, and then ask to put round the seal of a medical institution in the Secretariat.
Pregnant women in the trip to the resort must have a record card issued in the antenatal clinic.
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Children going for treatment at the sanatorium should provide the results of scraping on enterobiosis and the certificate of absence of contact with infectious patients.

Advice 2: How to make resort map

To go to a sanatorium, it is necessary to issue SANATORNO-a resort map. It should be written General practitioner on the unified form No. 072, approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated 14.06.2011 for room 215.
How to make resort map
To execute sanatorium-resort card, contact your local therapist's place of residence and hand a ticket to a sanatorium. You will write referrals for all the tests and examinations that will be included in the health resort map.
For filling of sanatorium-resort card to be examined by a gynecologist and get all the results, an electrocardiogram of the heart, chest x-rays, a urine test and blood.
If a Spa treatment has a specialized purpose, it is necessary to obtain the views of professionals on this profile. In particular, for treatment in health resorts with a therapeutic profile of women's diseases, you should get a statement from the medical history and final diagnosis of the gynecologist.
If the patient has chronic comorbidities, gives the conclusion of the doctor from whom the patient is registered. Patients consisting on the account or with illnesses of a psychiatric nature, and need help from a psychiatrist from the mental hospital. It must be specified the diagnosis, prognosis and methods of correction.
Pregnant women need to have maternity card.
Minor children will require additional tests for infectious diseases for three days in advance of the conclusion of a pediatrician that contact with infectious patients was not available.
Making the resort map you must remember that the validity of the tests is very limited, about 10 days. Also do not forget that this document and survey will take time. Sometimes the card takes at least one week.
Once all the tests are passed, need to refer back to our General practitioner to filling a card on the basis of surveys and providing all health data.
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