The definition of "initialization" is a training program or hardware device to work. This training consists of specifying the initial data of system settings. For program initialization is the assignment of values to program variables.

Initialize data array

Initialization of the array has a number of pitfalls. First, in different software environments fill data array starts with either a zero element, A[0] or the first A[1], where A is the name of the array.

To initialize the array normally uses a step-by-step a for loop (foreach). Filling the array with occurs gradually, one item at a time during each "run" cycle. In the for loop creates a local variable of the loop to control number of passes.

The initial value of the loop variable must match the first element of the array: A[0] or A[1]. End - the number of elements in the array.

For an organization to populate a two-dimensional array you need to nest one loop in another. Thus, the operation pass through the loop in the column of the array will be executed as many times as there are array of strings.

Initialization errors

During initialization, the system collects data from all relevant devices, processes or operators. Starting the operating system is initializing the data, because the operating system gets feedback all computer parts including memory, hard drive and keyboard. In the case that one of the key blocks is missing, the OS can not complete the initialization. Serious initialization error is the famous "blue screen of death".

The initialization string

To control the initialization of the beginners often use a simple case, for example, X = 5) or manual selection. However, regular initialization is necessary and possible to automate.

Assume that a user of a computer connected to two Internet service providers. The connection speed changes so the user constantly switches manually. It is inconvenient and time consuming. Instead, it can set the initialization string at the prompt:


Now the initialization string is for a computer control process. If the Internet becomes faster MTS than the "Beeline", the connection of MTS - otherwise changes to MTS the connection "Beeline".