Features of work in the shop

If you are just beginning to look for a job in sales, the first thing to pay attention to jobs of shops selling non-food goods. The fact is that with food you will need clearance of a personal health books, and to sell clothing or shoes, a medical examination is not required. Large network of shops selling well-known brands, is a good way to start a career, as such firms usually strive to encourage and promote employees. There are many examples of people who started as a salesman trainee, became managing Directors of the stores and the Directors of the regional networks.
For medical books you can get in a supermarket. It is easiest to start from the position of a merchandiser, but get some experience, to try his hand at the box office or as an administrator.

On the other hand, small shops have their advantages. Their owners are mostly related to the staff is somewhat less formal than in large networks. To work in such shops is, if you don't plan to associate their professional future with the trade, and just want to find a temporary source of income.

How to get a job?

Before you begin your job search, make a good summary, in which specify your age, education, additional skills, experience, interests and Hobbies. Most likely, before the interview you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, but a well-designed binder will in any case give you a chance. Sami jobs you can search the Newspapers employment ads and similar sites. In addition, many stores post ads about vacancies directly in the Windows. It also makes sense to periodically look at the sites of the shops, because very often, vacancy announcements are published there. As a rule, should be sought in the section "About company".
Shops with expensive clothes or jewelry, as a rule, impose very high requirements on the appearance of their employees.

Of course, to choose the store in which you will get is based on not only the promised wage and other conditions, but from my own knowledge and experience. Those who are fond of fashion trends, it is better to try your hand at the boutiques selling quality clothing, shoes and accessories, and if you are interested in high technologies, more suited to a computer shop. Remember that buyers trust the seller-adviser, believing that he is better versed in what sells.