You will need
  • - passport;
  • - photo 3x4 - 1 PCs;
  • - the result of an x-ray study;
  • - certificate of vaccination;
  • - money.
The first step is to find a medical institution that provides services on registration sanknizhek. This can be both public and private clinic or medical center. Remember that to provide services for the design sanknizhek only those companies which have a license issued by the sanitary-epidemiologic authority or the contract on cooperation with the SES on.
Clinic found, now we need to enter into a contract to provide design services for sanitary documents and pay for these services. At the time of conclusion of the contract you will need to provide a passport photo 3x4, information about the available vaccinations (and better vaccination certificate), results of photoroentgenography. Also you will have to fill the application for issuance of sanitary documents, the form of which will give you the staff of the institution.
The most time-consuming stage is the completion of all necessary tests, passing of medical examinations. A list of specialists that you will need to visit depends on which activities you are going to do. May need only the examination of the physician, but may need to go through some narrow specialists (e.g., dermatologist). The analyses may also vary from the most basic to the multitude of additional (syphilis, typhoid, intestinal infections etc.), some of which may have to pass only in certain specialized laboratories. In any case, where to go and what experts to go and what tests to take, you will explain in detail the institution where you will design sanknizhka.
After all experts completed and received the test results, you will need to attend a course of lectures (often just one) and pass a so-called inminimum (original examination) to the authority of sanitary-epidemiological control of your city. Results of examination are recorded in your sanknizhka.
In the same organ of sanitary and epidemiological control your sanknizhka is registered. Also it bears a holographic sticker. Check the serial numbers and the application of stickers are proof of the authenticity of your sanknizhki. Typically, this stage takes place without your participation, although it depends on the facility where you signed the contract for the design of sanitary documents.
On the appointed day, you with your passport and contract for the provision of services will need to come to the institution and pick up decorated sanknizhka.