You will need
  • photography;
  • - passport;
  • - money.
Make color or black-and-white photograph size 3x4 cm; Take the passport or other identity document and go to the Center of Gossanepidnadzor (in everyday life it is often the old-fashioned, called "SES").
Pay at the cashier, the cost Blanca medical books with holograms and hygienic course of training at current rates. You will receive a receipt.
Present employee of the Centre responsible for the purchase of books, payment receipt and your passport. Take a picture of it. Wait until the employee documented that will fix your application for sanitary documents, rewrite your passport details and information about the work and specify a day when you will be able to get ready the form.
Come to the Center of the state on the appointed day. Take your sanknizhka include a photograph and the direction of the medical Commission.
Proceed to the passage of a medical Board. The list of experts, which you definitely will have to go through depends on your profession. In addition, the employer may add to this list your additional requirements. Take a Commission you can in any licensed medical facility.
Keep all receipts, checks, invoices and forms of contracts for the provision of services that you will provide medical facilities with the passage of the Commission. Without these documents you will not be able to obtain from his employer the money spent back.
Show the employee the Centre Gossanepidnadzora your medical records from all physicians you passed. Get directions to the lecture (lectures) for hygiene education.
Listen to the lecture (lectures) and pass the certification. Usually, this will involve a simple test of knowledge of sanitary norms – "pass inminimum".
Get in the Center of the state their was a medical book. Make sure that it is marked with all the necessary holograms: on your photos and at the level of successful completion of the certification. Can get to work.