The procedure for obtaining SEZ for activities.
There is an approved list of activities, the conduct of which the law stipulates the necessity of obtaining sanitary-epidemiological conclusions: pharmaceuticals, medicine, production of medicines, manufacture of alcohol, of educational activities, hairdressing and beauty salons; activities related to dangerous wastes, and some others.
Collect the necessary documents: a statement ustanovlennogo sample; copies of statutory documents of the organization or entrepreneur (certificate of registration or certificate of tax taxpayer identification number), banking details, rental agreement or ownership of, the contract for garbage collection, evidence of ownership rights of the lessor, the plan of production control if any old certificate (if any). Some activities require additional special documents. Submit the package to the sanitary-epidemiological service.
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Pay the examination object and a state fee. The cost of an examination ranges from 6,000 rubles, depending on the activity. Organize the examination on the object. During the examination, you may need to provide the expert with additional information or documents.
Obtaining sanitary-epidemiological conclusions is 15-30 days. Validity - from 1 to 5 years, also depends on the type of activity.
The procedure for obtaining SEZ for products.
Main types of products that require obtaining of SEZ: food; hygiene products and cosmetics; children's products; chemical and petrochemical products; materials in contact with food products; publishing products; personal protective equipment; materials for the production of footwear; production engineering and instrumentation; materials for products that come into contact with human skin; building materials; tobacco products and materials; pesticides and agricultural chemicals, and others.
Required documents: announcement ustanovlennogo sample; recipe or description for product; FEZ on the compliance of the product documentation requirements of the state sanitary-epidemiological norms (if available); BMS on the compliance of manufacturing conditions with requirements of state Sanitary regulations and standards; protocols of production tests (if any); the label or its layout; the supply contract (if you are not the manufacturer); certificate of incorporation or egrip. Served the documents to the sanitary-epidemiological service.
Pay for expertise and state fee, provide samples of products for laboratory research. This kind of conclusion is also issued 15-30 days. Period of validity – five years.