Advice 1: What are the tests for help in the pool

In order to use the pool, you must obtain a special medical certificate form № 1. Its design involves testing some of the doctors and passing a series of tests.
What are the tests for help in the pool
Classes of water sports for those who want to improve their health or maintain good physical shape.
It would seem, than they can be dangerous?

First, there is a risk of contamination in the pool if someone involved in it visitors sick. Second, casually referring to the regular surveys, you yourself might unwittingly be a source of infections. For this reason, it is necessary to pass medical examination and obtain a medical report on the health status.

It must be noted that the reference in the pool is not only proof that the customer is not a carrier of infections. It indicates the absence of contraindications to practice water sports.

The disease, which is a contraindication for training in the pool

There is a list of diseases, under which it is impossible to do in the pool: otitis (ear inflammation), conjunctivitis and rhinitis (inflammation of mucous membrane of eyes and nose); coronary heart disease (impaired blood supply to the myocardium), chronic and acute heart failure; venereal diseases; diseases of the genitourinary system, gynecological diseases in women; hypertension; tuberculosis; helminths; infections of the skin.

You also cannot use the pool of women at the late pregnancy (last trimester). The reason for the refusal to issue the necessary medical certificate may be the presence of any chronic disease.

The procedure of examination for help

So first you need to visit a therapist, without his signature issued medical certificate will be considered invalid. Next you examined by a dermatologist and venerologist. For women a mandatory examination by a gynecologist. After examination by these experts, should pass a General analysis of blood and RW analysis, test for HIV infection, analysis for the presence of helminth eggs and to make fluorography.

For children and adults medical reference is the same. It contains notes of tests, print all professionals the standard for printing hospital sheets, and the stamp of the clinic or medical center. The validity period of reference: three months, six months or maximum a year. To obtain a new confirmation must repeat the procedure. It is important to know that the design of the reference pool is a paid service in medical institutions of any type.

Advice 2 : How to help for pool

Visiting the pool is a great choice for people who wish to have excellent physical shape, improve health, and find great cheerfulness. To start enjoying all the pleasures of water, you will need to provide the administration of the pool of special help, which is the medical proof of the absence of disease and giving the right to attend the pool.
How to help for pool
For help you have to exclude yourself from the diseases that are contraindications to visit the pool:
- different kinds of skin diseases.
- infectious diseases;
- diseases of the circulatory system;
- malignant tumors;
- venereal disease.
For help on visiting the pool you must pass a medical examination by a physician, dermatologist, venereologist, gynecologist or urologist.
For help on visiting of the pool will need to pass:
-analysis on AIDS;
-analysis of RW;
-analysis on yaytseglist;
-reaction on hemagglutination (typhoid fever);
-the General analysis of blood;
For help, you should contact a district hospital or private medical center. There are pools in which you can pass the appropriate examination and receive a certificate on the spot.
Help to visit the pool valid from 3 to 6 months.
If you can't swim, the idea to pool you it is better to postpone, or to enroll in swimming training.
Useful advice
In addition to the help for the swimming pool you will need to pay for the services according to the tariffs of the pool, familiarize yourself with the rules of safety and prepare necessary things (swimsuit, flip-flops, a swimming cap, soap, washcloth, towel, and Hairdryer).

Advice 3 : How to fill out help at the pool

When the street autumn slush or bitter January cold, warm memories of holidays at the seaside. Even if summer vacation was on the dacha, on a hot day so it was nice to swim in a local river or lake. When the swimming season closes, swimmers line up for a subscription to the pool. However, it is not enough to have a pass, bathing suit and rubber cap. If you forget to take the doctor certificate about state of health, the first swim will be postponed for a while.
How to fill out help at the pool
Certificate of health allowing you to visit swimming pool, issued by a district therapist.First of all, the doctor sends you for a consultation with a dermatologist to rule out the presence of skin and venereal diseases.
For women a mandatory gynecological examination.
Next, you have to go to the lab in order to pass a blood test proving you have no sexually transmitted diseases, feces analysis on helminth eggs and scraping with anal folds for pinworms.
When you visit, the therapist evaluates the condition of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and musculoskeletal apparatus.
If contraindication for swimming is not detected, you write help.
Help for the swimming pooland has no specific format, but must contain the required information.The first line specifies the name of the medical authority issuing the certificate.
Then - surname, name, patronymic and date of birth of the patient.
Then you write a report on the state of health. To ensure that you can finally swim in this column should read: healthy.
Mandatory stock phrase that the citizen is admitted to a health swimming in poolE.
The line below shall bear the date of issue of the certificate and deadline for its action. Typically, re-examination and obtaining a new certificate is required after 6 months.
If a certificate is issued to the child, indicate the negative results of the analysis of a feces on helminth eggs and scraping on enterobiasis.
The nurse pooland may be asked to bring to confirm for yourself the forms with the test results.
To help put three seals.
In the upper left corner there should be a stamp of medical institution, below - the triangular print for reference.
In the last line physician or pediatrician decrypts and signs his name. On the signature put a personal seal of a physician.
Useful advice
To obtain a certificate for the swimming pool can be not only a public health clinic, but also in any commercial medical establishment that has a license for this activity.
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