You will need
  • - sanitary book;
  • - referrals for testing.
The volume of laboratory researches is determined depending on the intended specialization of the future employee. The results of all medical examinations, laboratory and non-laboratory research are celebrated in the form of a personal health record.
There is a list of certain laboratory tests that you need to surrender for registration of sanitary books of all specialties. These include: blood test for syphilis, examination of feces for presence of eggs of helminths, General clinical analysis of urine and blood, biochemical analysis of blood, including glucose and cholesterol.
When making a health book for working in the food industry and of trade, public catering, must also pass the following tests: examination of feces for dispropo, the blood test for Phragmites, typhoid, fecal enterobiasis, swab for Staphylococcus.
Making a medical book student of educational institutions of General and professional institutions, you must consider the results of the following tests: fecal to dispropo and enterobiasis, blood Riha, typhoid fever, smear for gonorrhea.
Medical personnel of medical institutions, maternity hospitals, children's hospitals and clinics are required to undergo additional screening. This category of workers must have the results of the following studies: fecal dispropo, blood Phragmites and typhoid, hepatitis b and hepatitis C, HIV, a swab for gonorrhea and staph.
The employees of the educational organizations of all types and kinds for the proper design of a health book must pass the following tests: fecal enterobiasis and dispropo, a swab for gonorrhoea, a swab for Staphylococcus aureus, blood Riha, typhoid fever.
For registration of sanitary books to employees of pools, spas, fitness trainers, swimming instructors, in addition to pass a swab for gonorrhea.
Employees of organizations of the medical industry and pharmacy chains related to the production, packaging and sale of drugs, when making personal medical record must pass the following tests: fecal enterobiasis, swab for Staphylococcus.
For tests when making health books a doctor prescribes a direction indicating the type of the study. Tests shall be in different laboratories: clinical, bacteriological, immunological.